Before i say anything i do NOT want this to turn into something it shouldn't (as many of my posts have) i am just stating my opinion!!!! Warning over :lol:

I just wondered how people felt about giving things up when TTC??? Now, no disrespect to anyone on here, everyone is different. I have just been reading so much stuff (esp on Google) about TTC and people are concerned in their 2ww about drinking incase there is a bean ready to implant.

My opinion on this is WHY WORRY??? Everyone i know who has a baby either drank, smoked, even took drugs during there 2ww and a few weeks into pregnancy and still got their BFP. My OH's sister was on her hols smoking god knows how much and by the looks of her holiday snaps was VERY merry a lot of the time and she drinks a lot of tea. She is due in March with her little girl who is (according to the docs) doing fine, nothing wrong with her.

I just find it a bit upsetting that some people who are TTC will put there life on hold during that 2ww and probably around OV just incase there is a chance it may affect the bean. I haven't given up drink or caffiene (sp??) or anything whilst TTC, i am just trying to eat more healthier but that is for my sake more than anything. There are sooooo many people out there who get pregnant whilst drinking alcohol and smoking etc and i just really feel for women who think they have to give up the joys in life incase it affects them conceiving :\(

tink xx

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  • tink - i agree with you. it is a bit much to put your life on hold during that 2ww - and it makes it even more disappointing if you get that dreaded BFN or AF.
    i have given up drinking during the week (mainly for the sake of my wallet and personal health!!) and am drinking red bush, which is caffeine free - its good, as i actually prefer the taste!!
    other than that - taking vits and eating healthy.
    but will still drink at the weekend, even on 2ww (not that i've had one yet!!!! ARRGH!)

  • I agree too tink, everything in moderation! Only thing I gave up caffeine complete;y September and got my BFP October, cut it out as read it could affect fertility..... the banging headache I had the day after I cut it out showed just how much i depended on it!
  • I agree to some respect, but if people don't mind giving things up then I don't see it to be a problem. Lots of people probably smoke and drink throughout their pregnancy, I personally don't know any of them but that doesn't mean they're not out there, it doesn't mean their baby is going to have anything wrong with them but it's not exactly giving the baby the best start in life.

    In regards to caffeine, it has been scientifically proven that too much caffeine (more than about 2 or 3 cups of coffee a day) can hinder TTC as it can stop the egg from implanting properly - now I'm not saying that it's always the case but it's been proven to have an effect - and then once you're pregnant a similar amount of caffeine has been proven to raise the risk of miscarraige. I stopped drinking caffeine when we started TTC and I drink caffeine free versions of my usual drinks, which are fine.

    I personally had the odd glass of wine throughout the 2ww in which I found I was pregnant and I wasn't at all concerned about it - I haven't drank any since getting my bfp though. Giving up certain foods in the 2ww etc isn't necessary in my opinion, but it's up to each person what they feel comfortable doing.

    Just my two cents worth!

    Kat x

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  • I agree, you can't give up living in the hope you'll get a bfp. I'm like you. i'm trying to change my eating habits, but again for my own good. I don't drink very often and I don't smoke or take drugs, I can't see anything else I do being a great harm to a bean when I get one.
  • I can see both sides really, i understand why people do give up things which can affect the baby in the 2ww as they want to do everything within their power to help get that bfp and give the baby the best possible start, but i also agree it probably won't harm to have the odd glass of wine etc. The first thing i thought when i got my bfp just after xmas was oh no, i had a glass of wine on xmas day and on boxing day and i'd eaten a lot of soft cheese, then i thought well how many women drink a lot more than what i did, smoke, even take drugs, so i stopped worrying.
    I don't agree with people drinking, smoking and eating things they know can harm the baby once they know they are pregnant though, which a lot of people do.
    So yeah, i'd say have a glass of wine, just don't over do it if there's a possibility of a bfp x
  • yeah, i mean at the end of the day - there are certain things you wouldnt do if there was a chance....i.e. go out and get totally wasted or take ibuprofen or medicenes you shouldnt (although i am not doing either while ttc)
    so its just a bit of common sense really. x
  • I think if you are trying to conceive then you should be giving up smoking anyway, I have and I smoked for over 10 years. I personally won't be drinking during my 2WW but then I'm not a big drinker anyway. If however my birthday or something fell during my 2WW I would probably have a glass or 2 (or 3 image ) of wine and not feel too bad.

    I've also already given up caffeine, just so I get used to it before I get my BFP, but I certainly wouldn't say no if someone offered me a cup of tea etc.

    In my opinion, yes there are people who have smoked/drank through pregnancy that have healthy and normal babies, but why risk it? We are all here trying to get our BFPs so I don't know why you would want to risk anything going wrong????
  • hi i asked my doc about this after i had a miscarriage last year. the baby does not share the mothers blood supply until 5 weeks. and by then the mother usually though not always knows she is pregnant. and taking the precautions of not drinking/smoking eating the wrong foods. id say enjoy it if you fancy it and when you get your BFP you can cut back on all the 'bad' things.
  • i agree as well. i think you shouldnt put your life on hold altogether but you should make a little effort to eat and drink a bit healthier. i still have a glass of wine in my 2ww but then again i dont have a lot if you know what i mean. i do however think that if you drink a lot you should cut back a bit and also if you smoke you should try gving up or even cutting
  • i think there is a difference to getting your BFP having been ttc and getting a surprise BFP

    as you said before they were out drinking etc not knowing they were preg where as us ladies will know from our very first missed period in most cases,some having waited a while for their BFP will do anything thats possible to help the egg latch on be it not drinking,taking ibruprofin (sp) or what ever

    i think it comes with all things in life if your mum told you not to you would and then you found out for yourself why she told you not too

    having been ttc 20 months ive learnt from experiance to chill out but me telling people to chill out works in the same sense as your mum telling you to do something

    ps take this as you will but im not chuffed at being told i cant in a sense disagree with you giving my opinion if it were different

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  • Hi Tink. I agree with you. I think these days, we know too much and work ourselves into a state with an overload of contradictory (sp) information. I think that if a person has a very unhealthy lifestyle and wants to ttc, then improving the basics are necessary, even if it's just cutting down on the poisons we put into our bodies on a daily basis, but if we were to give up everything, I know I'd be a pretty miserable person.
    On a more personal level, I have reduced the amount of coffee and tea I drink, and only have one cappucino in the morning, then decaff for the rest of the day, but that was purely because I used to drink a LOT of coffee, and I knew I'd have to cut it out when (pma!) I get my BFP. As for alcohol, I am reducing how much of that I consume, for the same reasons as before, but I haven't cut it out totally, plus I lose weight when I cut down on the amount I drink. I got married at the end of last year, and improved my diet to lose weight for it, which I have stuck with in the hope that not only will it assist my chances of getting preggers, but that I keep the weight off, and continue to feel healthier.
    Good thread! x image
  • I think everyone is different and some women really will do everything they can to improve their chance of TTC - if that means they want to give up stuff then fair play to them.

    I'm lucky i'm tee-total but if I wasn't, i'd defo cut it out. The same with caffiene, it has been proven too much during TTC can lessen the chances of becoming pregnant.

    I also think the 2ww is such an anxious time that perhaps it is easier to give stuff up rather then worrying it could do harm.

    A baby doesn't share a mothers blood supply, they have their own seperate system (albeit burly is right, this doesn't kick in until 5weeks +), they do however gain nutrients from the mother from day 1. Everything within your body can and will be used in the growth stages of pregnancy.

    I had a terrible cold in my last 2ww. I didn't know if I was pregnant or not but wouldn't risk taking any flu medicine because they all contain substances pregnant women can't have. To me, that wasn't worth the risk when I may well have been in the early stages of pregnancy. As it turns out, I was so i'm glad I didn't take the chance to be honest.

    PP84 x
  • Hi Tink,

    Firstly I just want to say that yes, everyone is different. However, the fact that many women do manage to get pregnant whilst drinking alcohol and smoking doesn't mean it's actually right. There are lots of scientific studies that prove that these things do affect your fertility, and do affect the embroyo/foetus - which is why a lot of women choose to give them up.

    I know you haven't meant to cause any offence (as your warning said!) but I don't think you need to 'feel' for women who choose to give these things up. For me, the joy in life will be to get that bfp and go on to have a healthy and happy baby - so I don't need anyone to feel for me that I'm not drinking or smoking and am trying to live as healthy a life as possible. I think every woman has the right to make her own decision about how she wants to prepare for a baby and how she wants to ttc...and I think the ones that choose to give up things are very happy with their decision : ) I for one don't worry at all - because I know that when I do get that bfp I will be in the best health possible to support and nurture my baby for the next 9 months.

    Good luck to everyone however they choose to do!!.x.
  • Trixie - your reply was what I wanted to say!

    PP84 x
  • Don't get me wrong i agree that smoking and drinking can be bad for you i am not saying that. And i know people have the right to do whatever. I kinda mean the women who want to go out and have fun and drink but are in the 2ww so debate whether to or not. I hardly drink caffeine anyway and dont smoke and have like one glass of wine a month but i have dont that since my rebellious stage ended. I hope some people don't take me the wrong way (which is why i issued the warning :lolimage i just "feel" for the women who, like i said, sit and debate whether they should go on that night out with their friends and have fun because it is their 2ww or not. If that makes more sense!!! x
  • Grudie who said you couldnt give your opinion??? If that is because i asked people not to make it a rant then please re-read it because i asked it not to turn into a big argument like last time. There is nothing in there to say you cant disagree? The question was "does anyone agree with me"
  • but cant you see you cant tell people not to turn this into and argument like all the others,people have different opinion and then we all have a huge debate and get everyone else's backs up over it

    you saying what you did isn't going to make a difference
  • I suspect this has been precipitated by me....

    Before you read this (especially Tink) please bear in mind that my hormones are raging so I may appear 'off' but it isn't meant to be OK?

    I was same as Tink said in that I drank if I wanted (I don't smoke anyway) and I did stop once I knew I was pregnant but if I had fancied one I would have had one - I did with my other two pregnancies and they are fine and if you read latest guidelines it does say drinking occasionally is fine.

    However, after being laid back and drinking in my 2ww and also eating liver... I went on to lose my baby at 11 weeks. So probably coincidence but that is why I'm stressing about doin git this time just in case that was partly to blame.

  • Hi ladies

    G/c to say i was ttc this baby for 6 cycles. During that time i didnt make any changes to my lifestyle during the 2ww. I used ovulation sticks and then my CBFM to find out when i ovulated... and would test or AF arrive 13 dpo.
    The month i got my BFP we were actually on holiday and I was having a drink whenever i wanted right up until 14dpo when i tested, saw that amazing 2nd line.... and havent touched a drop since! Well actually, i tried to have a small glass of wine on New Years Eve to celebrate at midnight but i just couldnt face it!

    If i had of 'felt' pregnant on the month i got my BFP then i prob would have stopped drinking earlier, but i really didnt think we'd managed it that month! And if we'd ended up TTC for over a year then maybe i would have made some lifestyle changes....who knows??

    All i know is that when asked by my midwife how much alcohol i have drank in my pregnancy so far, i told her about the drinking just before my BFP... and she wrote "none" in my maternity notes. She said they do not even count that first couple of weeks.

    I did take Folic Acid though - and hubby took Zinc.

  • i think that some people who have been trying for longer or have had problems will feel they should be as healthy before conception as they can be. it can only be a good thing for mum and baby. as this is my 1st month i know there are things i could do to be healthier but im not planning on making dramatic changes unless i feel i need to. i am on slimming world just now as i want to lose weight for myself and for pregnancy.

    good luck to everyone on the 2ww my fingers are crossed. :\)
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