clear blue neg!! UPDATE..OV TESTS PICS ENC NOW!:)

:\)hi ladies. . I report that im still getting two lines on ov test still
dark as well this started last Tuesday when ov time! Due on mon Why could this be? Could i Preg? Test says
no. But is it too early to test? , done 2 ov tests this morning n both dark?
I hope am Preg but if. The ov test picks Preg up why don't the h p t? Does anyone no? The tests are different e bay ones. I did some before ov and negative. But they stayed positive now lol
i got few little sore boobs though? which i noramally get?, got back ache also x x
. ....
13 DAYS OF LINES ON OV TESTS ALL QUITE DARK...AF DUE TOMO . . . X x [Modified by: booey on 10 July 2010 09:11:23 ]

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  • hi hun i read that most of the time ov tests will be positive if you are pregnant as they detect both hormones!!! really hope it is for you fingers crossed xxxxx
  • hi i have just posted that i am due af on monday too! i didnt know ov tests show up preg...might try that too!!xx
  • Oh thanks ladies. . Really hope so. . Have bad low back pains and feel
    something happening for sure weather its af Or baby! X x
  • Hi hun

    G/C from DIM he he

    Yes you very well could be have you got any more OPK's to try one or better still do a HPT if your af is due mon you should show a positive.

  • i got loads more opks's lol....preg test neg image i done 2 already shall i do another?......congrtas sparkling diamond btw!!! image xx
  • Hi
    It looks promising.
    Did you get fainter lines earlier in the month? I know some women have a naturally high LH level all month and so ov sticks always show +ve for them, but if you had fainter lines before then I reckon its more likely early pg.

    You aren't due on your AF yet so it might be nothing shows on the HPT until it is due or a week after.

    Have patience hon (but I am secretly wishing for you!)image
  • hi robin...

    i had fainter lines omg lol had a mixure!! shall i get a cb test?? xx
  • get a cb digital its the only way to know for sure!
    good luck xxxx
  • done clear blue and negative does that mean am out? Not due till Monday. . Would the test show up something today? Got period type pains also still got pink line on ov test quite dark x
  • Babe, so we know its not that you have high LH all the time then.image
    I think you would be too early to get a +ve on CB. They are reliable becuase they detect a higher level of HCG so as not to give a +ve for chemical pg.
    BUT this means they are also less sensitive and most women seem to get a BFP about a week after AF is due.
    I hear superdrug ones are sensitive and some ladies get an earlier BFP on these and then use CBD to confirm a few days after.

    Keep us posted!
  • thanks robin x i Will try super drug on Monday then ha ha. . Its so confusing you no. . Getting these dark lines all time lol puts span er In works lol. . I wonder why would get that on test and. Get period two days later if it happened x
  • Hi
    I have just done a bit of research and it seems that luteinizing hormone (LH) is very similar to HCG so whilst hte OPKs are NOT designed to react to HCG they can show as positive when you are producing HCG - ie when you are pg.

    LH gets you ready for a PG by stimulating the release of an egg but should you become PG the HCG then takes over and maintains the fertilised egg throughout pg.

    Hope this helps! xx
  • thanks robin, ur really helpfull! x

    HERE are just a few of my ov tests...last one is this morning..the bit blurd so just step back and u can see better pains today in right side...??]

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  • Hi hun G/C from DIM am getting used to being a gatecrashing after 7 months but TTC will always be my true home!!

    So I will be popping in alot and helping everyone get their BFP's

    Do you know when you ovulated?? What tests have you done? get a SD or FRER as these are really sensitive no point doing a CBD until day of af or a few days after.

    Now heres my dilemma................I got my CBD on friday afternoon at CD30 my AF wasnt late and no idea when it was due so I think a) its took a while to show up or b) am pregnant but i maybe ov earlier than I thought I did making a shorter cycle.

    Anyway am pregnant babe as done another FRER and line is alot darker so dont give up hope!!

    Just keep trying and keep smiling xx
  • hi ya. . . Yes not last Fri but one before was darkest. . Been like ever since. . So Im sure i ov then? . . I just wondered why lines stayed? Seeing as due on. . When i first started was negative. . Then faint etc. . But they+never got as faint now as from when i first started?
  • yes probably try them next. Month lol. . Wouldn't have thought would have been getting those type of lines being due on tomorrow? . . Perhaps just after ov? Which i assume was two Friday ago? How bizarre lol. . X x good luck ladies am sure the answer lies in next few days x
  • Hi
    Your photo doesn't look like a +ve to me as the line is not as dark as the test line. As someone else said it should be as dark or darker.

    I think also you are only meant to use them up to ovulation (when the line is as dark) to avoid this type of confusion. Once you get this peak you stop until next month.
  • yeah i think same now lol am sure period on its way lol x x
  • Hi Booey, I find the cb smiley face ones and superdrug ovulation sticks are good. I use the sd ones til I get a positive and then use cb one to make sure I have a smiley. Does that make sense?!

    Sd are bogof at the moment - ??15.99 for 5, but obviously you get another pack free. I know it is expensive when you have to keep buying them, but I'm really not sure about using the cheapie ones, so go for the sd ones.
    I have now got a cbfm so will see how that goes. Hope it sorts itself out for you, It is so frustrating when our bodies decide to have a mind of their own!

    PS - if you want to get the cb smiley face tests, the cheapest i have found is on access - they were around the ??15 mark for 7, Boots sell them for ??22 for 7. They deliver the next day, and if you google access diagnostic voucher code you might find a code to get another 5% off (works out a couple of pound, but every little helps)!

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