All up in the air not a clue what is going on....


Haven't posted much on here as only recently actively began ttc again so sorry if my first post is a whinge lol

I have been having longer cycles recently, I had my ds a year ago and I know they can be all over place for a while anyway. My last cycle was 42 days and last AF was 2nd June so am currently on CD37??? I am unsure when or if I ovulated I thik it was around ds birthday on 21st June. I have been feeling nausea for the last few days morning and evening ( same as with ds) my boobs have been aching and itchy and I do feel tied although having a toddler and working full time I always feel tired lol...have done so many tests I am almost embarrassed :roll::roll: all BFN but saying that am I just testing too soon? We have bd loads this month so am hopeful but also doubt we could be this lucky first month ttc again. Pointless post really but what do you girls think?


  • Hi there, I think there must be something in the water this month, there are loads of us with the same problem this month!!!! I am CD36 today ov on CD21 so af is two days late. Done four tests all bfn!!!!! I had a mc in feb befor hand my cycle was 30 I think they must have gone longer since my mc. Still no idea what is happening as still no af??????? Annoying isn't it!
  • it certainly is hon, I was determined to be relaxed about it all this time and not do charting or ov sticks etc.. just go with the flow but finding it impossible not to symptom spot..well I guess we will soon find out one way or other xx

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