FAO Huni

Hi! This is a bit odd I know as we haven't spoken much apart from the TTC April thread on YAYW, but I had a really weird dream last night that I logged onto this site and you had posted that you got your BFP this month! Just wanted to share in the hope it brings you some very good luck for this cycle :\)

It is one of many weird dreams I have has the past few days (first week of 2ww) and I keep trying not to get my hopes up that the odd dreams are in fact a symptom!

I was going to post on YAYW but the eejits have changed my username since the site has its makeover and I also can't figure out the new way of things at all. Anyway, I digress... just wanted to say that I hope my dream comes true for you! xx


  • oooo my first FAO post image

    Awwww that's the sweetest thing, thanks hun!!! You just increased my pma by a bucketload!
    Dreaming of BFP's is definitely a sign (even though it wasn't you in the dream) so hope it's the start of your symptoms and we get to be bump buddies image xx
  • No worries - and thanks for not thinking I'm a total weirdo! :lol:

    Glad it has helped the PMA - lets hope it brings us both some good luck! x
  • hehe course you're not a weirdo! I'm on these forums that much it's no wonder I was in your dream, there's no getting away from me :lol: :P xx
  • Haha :lol: It's also what comes of me being on these forums late at night - no bloomin' wonder I'm starting to dream about people who post on here / BFPs etc etc!

    Let's hope you are right about BFP dreams being good luck - I'll see whether I can dream one up for myself tonight! *Crosses fingers as hard as possible*

    Keep the newly increased PMA going! xx
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