Onward and upward....

So 1st month of ttc is coming to an end. Had totally convinced myself I was pregnant - was symptom spotting like crazy! Then caved in yesterday morning on CD27 and did test which was BFN image No sooner had I done it then I was getting cramps like AF was coming. So now waiting for the witch to turn up. Was feeling a bit down about it, as although I know it normally takes longer than a couple of months to get BFP, I just kind of hoped I'd get it straight away. Anyway, decided this morning that I was way too obsessive about it last month and need something else to focus on. I weighed myself and in the couple of months I've been married have managed to gain about a stone! So bad - so I'm now going to join slimming world tonight and I can obsess about that this month! Thought it's probably to my advantage to lose a bit of weight anyway, and maybe I'll be bit more chilled out about the ttc thing if I've got something else to think about. That's the plan anyway - we'll see how it goes!

Good luck to everyone who've already got their BFP this month, and lots of baby dust for all those who like me are embarking on another month of ttc x x x x


  • Hey hun....I have been exactly the same symptom spotting like crazy and writing all my symptoms down in my diary, convinced myself over the past few days that we had done it first month of trying, but the witch showed up this morning right on schedule...tested last night and BFN.....so I am the same I am going to focus on my week off in August that I have with my lovely OH and see what happens....I am not going to write everything down, not going to use OV sticks, not going to chart my temp and I am not going to test until CD 40....well at least thats the plan lol xxxxx
  • Ooooo hun hope not either....when are you testing tomorrow? xxx
  • Oh no I was hoping to test the same time as you girls, sorry to hear your poopy news, I still haven't tested, got slight cramps today so no idea if AF is going to arrive bang on time or not, pffft I hope not x
  • Well I work in a fertility clinic (not great when you are ttc - as makes you completely convinced that you are infertile!), so one of the nurses has given me some free ov tests to try - so I thought I'd give it a go. My birthday in next month and me and hubby have some time off together (which will work out as the first week of my two week wait), so I'm just looking forward to that. My hubby just says it will happen when it's meant to happen - so I'm trying to keep positive and upbeat about it.

    Maybe you may still get a BFP - it's possible. I'm still awaiting the arrival of AF, but it's only a matter of time.
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