Does anyone exercise much? Effect on ttc?

Just wondering as am quite a gym bunny...well when I have a good week..and exercise moderately about 3-4 times a week, a combination of exercise bike, running, treadmill and a few weights etc. I know it's healthy and good for ttc to be in good shape etc but silly me when ttc I am getting all paranoid about things not implanting because I'm jigging up and down or that my heart rate is going too high and this is affecting implantation etc. Silly I know.
I would like to maintain fitness throughout this pregnancy (fingers crossed it does happen) as put on at least 4 stone with my first baby.
ANy fellow gym goers?


  • hey i've just got into the gym after the need to lose weight after my LO and i now do the same as u, i'll carry on with the exercise when trying for no2, and i know when i found out i was preg with my LO i had been doing an exercise dvd the week beffore with loads of jumping around and stomach exercise etc so think you'll be fine xxx
  • thanks! Am being completely irrational but was doing sit ups thinking this may impact upon my chances of getting preg this week!! Silly I know. Then I have read about women running a marathon and not knowing they were a few weeks pregnant until afterwards.
  • Glad you asked this as I have been thinking the same, I would stop going if it was proven to be bad but was wondering how to tell my fellow gym goers i was giving it up without explaining i was ttc!! I'd rather keep going though so glad it seems to be ok to do so
    J x
  • My friend had a baby may last year and she was running and doing classes up until 30 something weeks! I think it's stretching that is the only thing you should go careful!

    I went to circuits last night for the first time and I ache do much today! Lol
  • Conventional advice seems to be that as long as you aren't doing anything very strenuous or different to what you normally do it should be fine. image
  • I read Paula Radcliffe carried on running until she was 5 months pg.
    If you are at all worried I'd mention it to your Dr - but I'd guess that if you are within what is comfortable for your level of fitness (and not mega pushing your self or marathon training) - you should be ok.
    We must be designed to run even with bumps - or how would the cave women have survived?
  • I would imagine exersize could only help? Being good for you and all, I went the gym with my first, carried on running till about 6months then more gentle excersize and was even in the gym the day before I went into labour, I found it really helped me, I never really had any problems with mobility, sleeping etc like some of my friends have, I would say carry on Hun x
  • Hi, just noticed this thread perhaps this will give you some info...

  • Thanks all. Yes will keep it up as put on weight sooo easily and worked soo hard to lose baby weight (and some more!) that I can't let it all go to waste. I do run and havein the past been up to 8-9 miles but am far from that now! Hoping to keep up fitness in the hope that it's something to keep my mind off things too.
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