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FAO Nikr

Hi, I had my lo whos 3 1/2 at 32 weeks because of pe so you're not alone on here. The thought that it may happen again is very scary isnt it? Hope you get your bfp quickly.xx


  • Hi don't want to hijack post but are tlaking about pre-eclampsia?? Only because my gp told me your risk is heightened if it's with new fathers? Because when I had my 2nd and mentioned that I had it with my 1st - he asked was it a new partner?
  • Yes pre eclampsia,my blood pressure went through the roof and Finley wanted to come and play 11 weeks early!! Thankfully he is a perfectly happy and healthy 2 year old now!
    My consultant did mention that you are higher risk if it's a new partner,i'm with the same one so i'm keeping everything crossed it won't happen again when i do eventually fall pregnant! Did you gp say anything to you about taking aspirin?
  • I will have different dad as donor ai. My gp wrote to my consultant who suggested aspirin 75mg daily prior to conception or as soon as bfp obtained. He also said weightloss but the stone I managed to lose I have regained whilst ttc!!! I think the partner thing depends on whether yours was caused by an anti immune response or not.
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