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woo hoo I think I am about to ovulate....

Hi ladies,

This is our first month taking metformin, last 2 cycles have been 42/43 days so at a guess would have ov'd if at all at around CD28?

Anyhoo been using opks this month am on CD16/17 (not sure which day I should count from as had some spotting) have noticed increase in cm the last few days especially today and have just done my opk and the lines definately look the same, have had nothing before today. Does this mean I should ov tomorrow? any way oh is getting jiggy tonight and tomorrow and the day after lol..just to make sure...soo excited..can you tell?


  • Hi sazzle,

    That's great news, you must be really excited. I think you ovulate 24 - 36 hours after positive opk.

    I am waiting to be put on metformin in at my next appointment in Oct. Have you had many side effects?

    Good luck x
  • Hi Tilly,

    The side effects haven't been too bad so far, I have felt a bit sick off and on and have less of an apetite but seem to remember having bad stomach last time which I have managed to avoid so far although my diet is probably slightly better, I found that certain foods can react with the tablets last time.

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