hi everyone well my nan died so thats how come i havent been on for a long time but i think i got my BFP I POAS and got a fanit + if it has a - then it is a BFN but i am going to poas on friday just to be sure how is everyone x


  • congratulations, hope u have a great 9 months x
  • i'm sorry to hear about your nan

    but i hope that it is a BFP for you - let us know how you get on tomorrow but in the meantime i will whisper *congratulations* to you! xxx
  • Sorry to hear about your nan:cry: but congratulation on your BFP, lookin forward to seeing your conformation BFP tomorrow. Good luck, i'm sure it'll be there as a line is a line. Sxximage
  • So sorry to hear about your nan. It does sound like a BFP so congratulations!! Everything crossed that its a lovely strong line tomorrow!xx
  • sorry to hear about your nan, but congratualtions on ur BFP. xx
  • Hi

    I am very sorry to hear about your nan honey image Big hugs

    Congrats on your BFP image

    K xx
  • So sorry to hear about your nan. But congratulations on your bfp!! xx
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