Tummy Pain

Hi girls

I have had tummy pain since yesterday though today it really feels like AF??? It's really odd like my belly is full , bloated and heavy? Do you get this sort of feeling when you are OV?

I do also have a bad belly TMI sorry but had that since yesterday as well but I really do not think that is the reason?

K xx



  • I get IBS type pains just before af, but TMI windy pain otherwise.

    I have been "aware" of my abdomen sice af finished, kind of a full feeling. Think I may have ov'd yesterday, as niggly pains on right got a little worse. Last month though felt every little pain! xx
  • See thats the thing if I say bad belly then you could think it was that but it feels sooo different i have IBS as well and it;s not that.

    Last month i felt the same but all over to my left where this month it's more to my right though does hurt both sides. It's makeing me feel alittle sick actually.

    I just checked and my cervix is lowish I can still feell is so I am not sure if this means i am due to Ov tomorrow or if I have already.

    Do some girls get a heavy sort of feeling then when they are due to OV?

    k XX
  • Honestly I'm not sure, but I feel bloated today, and tum is starting to play up, now I've just had breakfast (at work). I am not 100% sure I have ov'd but a)I know it is due around now, b)I had EWCM Wednesday (but only the once) and c) The niggly pain got a bit worse yesterday too. So basically have just bd'd everyday this week!

    I would think the symptoms get more as ov gets closer, so if you have been bd'ing before, just keep going for a couple more days, to ensure you do your best to catch that egg! xx
  • Thanks sweetie this whole OVlark is pissing me right off though I tell ya!!!

    I bd'd monday and and then wed using pre seed and then last night again using pre seed and will do the same tonight sat sun and monday if we can. Then i will carry on every two days.

    It's off though as i though I had a little EWCM the other day and then again a little this morning though it could still be the pre seed in me.

    Do you know - sorry i ask you everything don;t I - if when some women get EWCM would they have it like all day? or just bits of it here and there?

    k XX


  • If it is hurting on the other side it could be OV pains? An egg gets released from a different side every month I believe, so if it has swopped sides then that looks like a good OV sign to me!! FYI - I feel sick with my pains too!! Get BD!! lol!!
  • When i OV last month it was WORSE than AF pains !! your little chart says you are about to OV so I think you could be !!!
  • Thank you love image I remember having small pains in my belly for the whole 2ww so i guess i have that to come still.

    I wonder why my ticker thing says I should be OV tomorrow if I had a 28 cd i thought it would be today CD14

    K x


  • Hi K-lou

    You're OV would be tommorow as it is 14 days before and including CD28 so that would make the CD15.
  • Oh really??? All this time I thought it was CD14??? what a plonker i am. I though this little chart thing is wrong ha ha ha

    Girls have you ever taken your temp in the morning? I did this morning about 7:20am and it was 36.1??? though it was this when I did it at lunch time yesterday just to test it was working as I have only just bought it?

    I thought it should be lower than that?

    K xx


  • It took me a while to suss this out!!
  • It's just mad??? My body is all over the place and I read so amny things so when I don;t get them it upset me?

    k xx
  • Definitely - especially if you look on websites - they seem to contradict each other!! Nightmare!! Just thinking from my post a long time ago - do you live in Upminster??
  • Yeah I do image I live about two secs walk from Upminster Bridge Station.

    I know your meant to have EWCM idon;t get it, your meant to have high cervix when OV I don;t get it - its so easy for peopel to say just relax but it's hard when you are not sure your body is working the way it's mean to you know.

    K xx


  • I so do!! I have not sussed the hign / low / open / closed cervix thing yet!!

    I used to live in essex for about 3years!! Lived in Benfleet, Canvey Island (?!) , Leigh-on-sea and westcliff-on-sea!! I was at dance college in Rayleigh so had different logdgings!! I used to go past upminster regularly on the train to London!
  • It isnt always day 14 / 15 of your 28 day cycle, everyone is different and it can be different dates each month. I OV on day 9 last month and day 12 this month. I use a clear blue fertility monitor to help pin point it !!

  • Baby blaylock, your joking??? are you still having a 28 cd and you OV that early? I was worried as i had my first real AF after 28 days on the 31st and that last two days then stopped on the tuesday night we BD' d and i bleed on the wed then bd's wed night and it stopped about 2pm and then bleed on the thursday and then left it for a few days and bd's that monday.

    I did wonder if I ov early though you can't do that right while your still bleeding? i am thinking if we don;t do it this month then I will buy OV sticks and it will give me piece of mind.

    Immense - Oh really LOL I use to live in Hornchurch and then we were there for about a year and then moved to a three bedroom house in Upminster bridge. OnLy been there about 4 months but i love it already image

    k XX


  • hey hun, you're not having much luck this month are you?

    OK... so the pains you're describing sound very much like ov pains to me. I would get them at one side or the other, a bit like a cramp and I would feel sick with it. I would sometimes feel it in both sides too but that's normal.

    As for checking your cervix position, you're not necessarily going to know if it's high or low unless you check it most days throughout your cycle. Mine didn't go particularly high when I was oving, it just felt softer and open... like you're touching your lips when you make an 'o' shape with them. Your cervix will start to move up a couple of days before ov and then move back down after ov.

    Not everyone gets ewcm but if you do get it, it's not constantly throughout the day, you might get it one time you go to the toilet but not have it another. This usually lasts a few days before ov too and then disappears once ov has occurred.

    I used to have a 32 day cycle and would ov about day 18, 14 days before af arrived. You ov for roughly 5 days anyway so within this time period it's possible to get pregnant, either before or after ov has taken place, so it's always best to bd for a couple of days after too.

    I hope this has helped, if you've got any more q's just ask or if you wanna chat you can add me on facebook, my name is Emma Lee in the Newcastle network xxx


  • Tequila79 - this is soooo helpful!! thank you - you're description seems to go along with what I experienced last week!!
  • Thank you so much image Your a little darling image

    I still have the pain though have had a bad belly as well so I am not not sure if it's a bit of both?? You know what i can never find the opening of my cervix? it al just feels smooth to me? I am just not very good at it. I checked before lunch and now two hours later and it is still high??

    Your right about the whole EWCM thing i think I have now got over that part which is why I am hoping the Pre seed will help. At the mo I don;t have hardly any and the bit I do have is thick white and tacky.

    Thank you again for writing back and I will add you tonight image It's funny how talking to somebody can make you feel so much better.

    k xxx


  • K-lou - what's your surname so I can look for you on facebook?!
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