Anyone here from the YAYW crowd? I'm new!

Well, new to here! An old timer on YAYW.

I thought as I was now a married lady and we are ttc, I should move from YAYW onto here. I'll still pop back on every now and again to offer my words of wisdom to the brides-to-be (shouldn't take long!) but I'm now concentrating on baby making instead!

I'm hoping to pick up some tips on the best ways to conceive, I have PCOS so I know it will be a long road and we may have to go down the clomid route, but hopefully not. I've been using those ovulation sticks that you pee on, but they don't work too well for me as they rely on detecting LH surges, and my LH levels are all over the place. So I was thinking temp method would work better? Although I hear that by the time your temp spikes, you've already ovulated and your best chance has passed? I couldn't really use it to work out my most likely ovulation date, as my cycle is all over the place. Or is plain old regular baby dancing the way to do it? And does regular mean every day, every other day, three times a week?!

I thought planning a wedding was confusing!



  • Bumped "Moved from YAYW to here now Im TTC", thought it might help. Welcome. xx
  • Hi P4TD

    I'm an ex-YYW'er too! I've been on here since Jan since I came off the pill and I've had irregular cycles since then too (to say the least but that's another story). I have been doing the temp thing and no you're right, it doesn't predict when you're going to ovulate, only tells you when you have. Which in itself is quite useful if you are irregular - at least you will know when you can expect AF to rear her ugly head!

    I would say in the circumstances, that your best bet is to look at your cm (not nice i know) and if you get any ewcm definitely BD on those days, but rest of the time try to BD regularly, which 3-4 times per week would be fine (every other dayish). Doing OPK's could work out very expensive otherwise!

    Good luck, and hope you're not in this area of the forum for too long! (in the nicest possible way!!)
  • Hi P4TD, I was a reader of your posts on YAYW (had a diff username there). I had (have?) PCOS, came off the pill in Jan and conceived in May so hope that's given you some hope.
    We thought it would be too stressful to deal with Ov kits so just bd regularly (average 3 times a week).
    Best of luck
  • hi P4TD i was a regular on YAYW until i got married in may,i still pop over and say hi but io have a different name on here and am abit more quiet about "who" i am because i had a friend snopping on there about me and i dont want them knowing we are ttc. it seems alot of us on here havent told friends we are ttc so it works well.
    good luck and welcome to the site. everybody is lovely here,couldnt think of nicer people to share problems about af's with :lol:
  • Another old timer from YYW and to make it easy I was calopa over there too.

    I hardly go on there any more, tend to lurk mainly in my lunch hour as can't have this site up or it would give the game away.

    Welcome everyone x
  • Hi there, i'm not a YAYW person but thought i'd welcome you to the site. I also have PCOS (just found out) so ttc is difficult but i'm sure we'll get there in the end. Have fun Sxx
  • Hi I'm an oldie from YAYW too but got married last September, I was Jules74 on there so you can see I have been very imaginative on here with my name!!

    Welcome to the confusing, frustrating but often joyful place that is TTC.

    Everyone on here is wonderfully friendly, overwhelmingly supportive (and believe me there are times when the people here are the only ones who understand) and hand on my heart I can't be without this place even tho I don't post very often.

    Good luck and congratulations on your marriage.
  • I'm another Y&YW er and have been married 3 weeks tomorrow. Hubby is in Iraq until the end of the November though so ttc is on hold but I am charting religiously in hope of a speedy bfp when he's home. Tried for 5 months before the wedding with no luck!!

    I saw lots of your posts and Y&YW and look forward to more here too xx
  • Hi P4TD I was missshell on yyw but been married a year now so not benn on for a while. Welcome to this site and babydust x
  • Hiya, I was on YAYW, got married 2 months ago and graduated to this site!! I had a lot more control of my wedding than conception!!
  • Hello there P4TD.

    I cant resist asking how you got on with muppet WP? :lol:

    I was a YYWer - think my pic might give me away image

  • MUPPET! :lol: Love that word! :lol:

    Never heard anything from her ever again, good riddance I say. It was worth losing ??400 not to have her there on the day, she would have just ruined it. Had a perfectly wonderful day without her!

  • MUPPET! :lol: Love that word! :lol:

    Never heard anything from her ever again, good riddance I say. It was worth losing ??400 not to have her there on the day, she would have just ruined it. Had a perfectly wonderful day without her!

  • Hi P4TD - I was on yyw too until we married in March and luckily I am expecting our honeymoon baby so like St Bertie shouldn't really be here but still come over cos everyones so nice and I love to hear of the oldies getting their BFP's.
    Good Luck and practice, practice , practice makes baby xx
  • Hi P4TD,

    I'm also an ex-YAYWer, got married last July (really can't believe its our first anniversary next week!!!) so I've not been on there for ages. Everyone's lovely here though, made me feel very welcome, and I've picked up so many tips from everyone already!

    Good luck ttc, Caroline xxx
  • Hi P4TD!

    I am mainly lurking over here, don't post much. I am MrsMc on YAYW

    *send baby dust to P4TD!*
  • Hey P4TD nice to see you over here, sending lots of babydust your way !!

    I was Dum, Dum, De Dum on Y&YW, we got married June 2007 and made Lexi on our honeymoon, she is 19weeks old now and is just gorgeous, I love being a mum.

    I will pop over to Y&YW to see your wedding photographs.

    Lynne x
  • Another YAYWer here... Still on there actually, as wedding is next month - but will be over here much more frequently after that. I have the same username on both.

    Good luck to everyone xxx
  • i was on there too, i was monkey13,got married oct 07
  • Hi and welcome! I got married a year ago but still hang around on the You&Your Baby section of YYW when I'm at work! I'm on month 7 ttc. Good luck and babydust!
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