The Story continues

Hi to anyone that has been following my story over the last few days..
Came home tonight armed with Ov sticks and preg tests for next month as they are on BOGOF at Boots.
Went upstairs to clean the bathroom and thought.. Ill just do one. And it came up with a faint line. No denying it!
Have had the litiest of spotting for nearly 48 hours now but nothing that seems to be turning into af.
e have done 5 tests 3 of which have come back with really faint lines but tonight being the strongest.
Me and OH just feel like we are up and down with news. One minute im telling him i am preparing myself for AF the next i get a faint line on a test. I am wondering if because i have such short cycles i might not have as long a time in between Ovulation & af due.
We are so confused. The test we did this morning was totally negative yet the one tonight was a definate faint line.


  • I would do one with fmu tommorrow! Good Luck! x
  • Did that this morning and was a BFN..
    This is what is confusing me ...
    Gonna do one again in morning costing a blumin fortune !!
  • At least they were BOGOF! :lol:
  • So did you test again this morning?? xx
  • hi hun, sounds very frustrating to me!
    perhaps try with a CBD or see your gp to do a blood test. Or just try a different tmake of test. i had better results with some than others. Good luck and i hope you get your bfp soon.
    Filo x
  • Tested again this morning and NEGATIVE !!
    Spotting stopped last night and then this morning i started bleeding..
    Not sure whether af as still really light and no egg come out yet(sorry for TMI)
    Rang NHS Direct as me and OH totally going mad now and they advised that they dont think i am pregnant and not to do a test until a missed period in future. Im like WHATTTTT the whole confusion is around the positive tests on an evening and negative on a morning.
    Going to Drs. tomorrow night and i will see what he says.
    Lost all PMA now and just taking it this is period its just the tests that have confused us why would they say + if they were not PG hormone in my wee....!
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