I just want 2 be pregnant!!

I feel like a stroppy teenager but i'm gettin really frustrated with my body n with not gettin pregnant!!

I have well n truly spat my dummy out now, its not fair!!! why is it sooo hard!!!!

thats all really, not much point 2 this post but just felt like a bit of a whinge!!!

Baby dust 2 every1 xxxx


  • Hi hun,

    I know how you feel, have you been trying long?

    You will get there in the end, unfortunately sometimes it just takes some of us that extra mile to get a BFP than others.

    It will be worth it in the end tho xx
  • Can I join you in the dummy spitting??

    My fav line at the mo is 'it isn't fair' lol.

    SD is right, when we get there it will be AMAZING!!

    Keep smiling chick xx
  • hi girls,

    SD - this is month 11 but i have PCOS n very irregular cycles!!

    am waitin 2 go on clomid but need 2 lose weight 1st!!

    MrsH - i love that line but i think my DD is startin 2 pick up on it now ha ha!! OH has taught her that every time he says "what's mummy??" she points her finger 2 the side of her head n says "Psycho!!" lol, i'm startin 2 think she's right!!

    it makes it even harder that DD was a complete surprise prgnancy so there was none of this waitin etc, 1 day i wasnt preg n the next day i was n it was as simple as that!!

    if only it was always that simple eh!!

    our time will come though girls, i'm sure of it!!

  • hmmmm didn't help when i read in my book how every cycle a 15 yr lod has a 50% chance of conception compared to 20% for 30 yr old. How unfair is that!!!
  • lol!! that is so cute, she is precious!

    I love this site but sometimes do wonder if it is harder being on here, don't get me wrong I have had the most incredible and generous support through my mc and met some wonderful people, but before coming on here I guess I didn't really know that much and it was probably easier in an odd way!!

    We will get there hun, I know it xxx
  • Can I join in, I'm having a real 'feeling sorry for myself night' :cry: but we will get there.... I just want it right now *stamps foot* xx
  • I think it must also be a bit of a sunday night thing

  • ha ha ha, come in, feel free 2 rant n rave n stamp ur feet!!

    justmarried- its really unfair isnt it, we should be able 2 get preg at 15 n just incubate it til we r ready 4 a baby n then just pop it out lol


  • :lol: :lol: I think it should be like a deli counter, you take you number and wait your turn, think I could deal with waiting if I knew how long I'd be waiting for! xx
  • Definitely the lack of control over the whole situation and not knowing when that is soooooo bad x
  • Can i join in? I would like to stick my tongue out at everyone who says "so when are you going to have a baby-you did say you wanted to"....yes thats right, i just lied!!!

  • lol homefairy, my boss said 2 me in the team meeting last tuesday (infront of every1)

    "u were sick yesterday morning, have u been sick this morning?? r u pregnant?"

    needless 2 say i went beetroot n wanted 2 die lol

    thats what i get 4 tellin them i'm TTC i suppose!!

  • Oooo I know that feeling Homefairy, if my MIL2B asks 1 more time if we "have any news for her" I think I'm going to turn around and say yes actually we've decided against kids!!
  • Haha, I'd love to be there to see the look on her face Huni!! That would be priceless!! :lol:
  • I want a babyyyyyyyyy! A year of trying and a couple of mc.. I've now just recovered from having cancer cells removed from my cervix and ordered a cbfm and ready to go!!!! I want my Xmas pud!!!!
  • Can I join in this rant? I know exactly what you mean Mrs. Wright, starting to wonder how some women ever manage to fall pregnant accidently when in my experience it takes a whole lot of heartache, peeing on everything that moves and sifting your pants for CM (delightful!)

    I had my contraceptive implant removed last April ready TTC, unfortunatly the smear I had on the same day eventually lead to a diagnosis of cervical cancer. Luckily it was fairly early stage, but I still had to have an operation to remove part of my cervix and my lymph nodes. If that's not bad enough, the bit of my cervix that I held onto then sealed up and I've only just had an operation to reopen it.

    So, almost one year later, I am still not pregnant. Grrrrrr.... but hoping for a miracle this month.

    Really hoping to see BFPs from all you ladies in the coming months xx
  • oh no sarahbear, thats awful but glad they caught it early!!! i'm sure u will get that miracle soon!

    and u baby-princess, and every1, we all deserve a little bean n i'm sure we'll all get 1 soon xxx

  • me too!! why does it have to take so long.
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