ummmm (tmi)??

ok ladies, so im now 11dpo, and yesterday morn went to the loo and when i wiped had some brown (old) blood.
Thought ohhh nooo A/F has come early image but this never came. now still loosing the brown blood (only when i wipe) i did an i.c test with fmu this morn and neg!
I just dont know what to think! dont wanna get myself excited it maybe implantation incase A/F is slow to get going (first month off the pill)


  • hiya, sounds good to me babe! eeeeek! if it was implantation, bfp wont show yet, maybe wait another 3-4 days and test again if af doesnt show? xxx
  • i was wondering how long after a bfp would show, might test tues if A/F stays away.
    its sooo hard not to get excited.
  • just wanted to say about 6 months ago i had this for two months running before af at 12 dpo. was so excited as thought it was implantation and had never had brwon spotting before af. it was only there when i wiped and lasted the day and af came next day. spoke to doc who said it can ssometimes happen. really dont want to put a downer on your post - just wanted to give an honest reply and share my experience - dont want you to get your hopes up like i did.
    You never know though, it could be implantation in which case it would prob take a couple more days to show on a test. Good luck with next few days. Im 10 dpo and desperate to test xx
  • thanks so much samsa for ur honest reply. trying sooo hard not to get my hopes up.
    fingers crossed for us both xxx
  • Kels I really hope it is a good sign for you. I also had this in my very first month of coming off the pill (for about 2 days) and thought it was implantation bleed, but unfotunately it wasn't, not quite sure what it was but when I saw doc told him and he said possibly just my body adjusting.
    Sorry, I really hope it is a good sign for you, but just thought I'd share my experience. Everyone is different so it is so hard to tell.
    Good luck, keep us posted. I really hope it is a BFP for you xxx
  • thanks Naturelle - this had crossed my mind what it could be, guess ive just gotta wait and see. xxx
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