I'm on a mission

Well, my cycle is definately up in the air. My last cycle was 33 days and the witch has showed up today after 24 days- booo- Had my few hours of feeling crap but I am now on a mission!! gonna start the smep asap. Thinking of using either the fr opks or the cb ones and also saw sasmar (?) in boots. has anyone used this do you think it will help? Technically I could still be pregnant by the end of the year although I won't know lol.


  • Sorry the witch got you hun. (((hugs)))

    Loving the PMA image

    CBdigital i have been told are best as they have a smile face when u OV where as fr and some of the other u have to work out the lines.
    I am going cbd if af comes and smep and i am going to diet and exercise everyday for 20mins... well thats the month 17 plan anyway image

    Good Luck gems x
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