AF is here :(

and she arrived with a vengenance :cry: :cry:

Thought I was actually going to be sick at work - not good!!

Hubbie being really nice and has got fish and chips for dinner and is pouring me a glass of wine image

At least it means I can drink at a wedding we are off to in a couple of weeks and not have to avoid the 'why are you not drinking' questions!!

Good luck for everyone else testing hope you all get BFPs xxx


  • Damn AF! am hoping she doesnt show her face this weekend either! x
  • Sorry she's found you. Good luck for next month!xx
  • yeah, my af came yesterday. i could feel it coming but blocked it out. I even poas becuase i didnt want to admit that my first month ttc was a loser! nevermind i am lol at myself for being soo silly! Oh well, that means we may be bding at the same time this month so goodluck to you mrs ross!!! lol
  • Hi my af arrived today too and feel rubbish but hubby is cooking so lets relax and have a few days with our feet up and fingers crossed this is our monthimage
    babydust to everyone
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