16 & Pregnant

Does anyone watch this on MTV?

Ive been watching a couple of shows and although it does my head in the fact they are so young, I really enjoy watching it.
Always the same story though, where the father never wants anything to do with the mother and then all of a sudden when they go into labour they just appear out of nowhere, its nice that they change but i still feel like shouting at the tv, :lol:



  • I know what you mean...

    I don't know what season you're watching but in the last season there is one "couple" that are clearly too immature to be parents. I feel sorry for the baby as they are so inept. Most of them keep the babies and in the reunion show seem to be coping really well as parents.

  • I watched it for the first time last night! And lo and behold as she goes into labour he plays the doting dad!

    Winds me right up, can't fingure out how they ended up pg but they were having unprotected sex?! Duh!!!

    If only we could all catch on that drunken night of passion eh?!
  • I dont quite understand that either. They seem to fall pg so easily.
    I suppose the younger you are, the more easier it is.

    I feel so sorry for the girls who have to put up with being spoken to like crap by those immature brats when they are carrying their child, makes me mad!

  • oh i love watching that too, is there a new series??
    it was on mtv??
    it just makes me laugh that even at the age of 16 my main focus was exams, boys just didnt come in to it xx
    saying that my mum was married at 16 and had my older sister at 17 and me at 18 and had 2 more by the time she was 22 with 4 kids/bubs under 5.
    i found it hard with 1 at the age of 28 and i had my hubby.
    makes me want to hit them on the head, but as u say, they all seem to be doing a fab job and are blessed with lovely babies, i think there was only 1 couple that decided they didnt want the baby and gave it to a couple that couldnt have children x
  • yeah its on MTV , but not sure if its a new series, I started watching it few weeks back.

    I wanted to put it on record by series link but it wouldnt let me. image
    After watching this show, i really miss one born every minute on ch4.

  • If you watch Teen Mom (the reunion show) there is a couple from "16 & pregnant" on that called Catelynn and Tyler and they always make me want to cry, they are so young-looking and sweet. They gave their daughter up for adoption & struggling with it especially Catelynn. It is always the similar story about the dads!
    I had my lo when I was 19 (month off being 20). I think that's pretty young. My stepsister got pregnant at 16, and she had an abortion. I wasn't sexually active at 16, I can't say I focussed on my exams, I was interested in boys but more kissing. I hope if I ever have a daughter, that she'll be involved in more sports/activities then I was, and find home a happy place to be so she won't feel the need to go off the rails and possibly get pg.
    My family weren't happy with me having a baby at 19 but then I think, When my mother was 39 I was 5 years old but when I'm 39 my lo will be 20!! Scary
  • Oh thats what that teen mom thing was, Ive been seeing that, had no idea that was the reunion show. I will look out for that.

    I dont think 19 is too bad, Ideally i wanted a baby around 20 21 but i wanted to wait for the marriage first and i wanted to do it properly, otherwise i would never have a mortgage and my own house right now :\)

  • my sister had her 1st daughter at 19 too, she now has 5 children ( i dont know how she does it ) lol xxx i saw the reunion show, i really felt for that couple that gave their bub away xx very grown up and mature way of thinking but u could defo see that they were hurting x
    with my sister, my mum wasnt angry about her being pregnant at that age, she was worried about the age of her boyfriend ( now husband ) as he was the same age as my mum lol x
  • Oh dear same age as your mum, that is abit awkward. image

  • Hiya I'm g/c but I LOVE this show, but then I'm totally addicted to rubbish reality lol.

    There is a new series, its on MTV, sunday nights, at 7 i think, maybe 8. I also love teen mom, as it follows the couples from newborn to 1.

    The dads really annoy me too, and in teen mom, after they were there at Labour, they tend to fall back into the waste of space pattern they were in before the baby was born.

    The mums seemed to have really stepped up though, and really made an effort to be the best they can for their child. Most of them are also trying to juggle being a mum and finishing school too which is great, some don't. They try and finish being a teenager without responsibilites, but in reality, that just can't be the case.

    ooh i'm sorry, i've rambled on a bit, and on a g/c'ed post, i do love this show lol.

    Anyways, i'm hoping to be joining you lovely ladies in this forum soon (hence the lurking lol), though saying that, I hope you've all got your BFP's and moved into your due in forums by then x
  • g/c from baby, saw this on the front page but i also love this show! i caught most of the alst series and was dead happy when i saw how well all the girls were doing on the reunion show, and even more happy to see that some of them had completely kicked the ignorant moronic fathers to the kerb too!

    i've got to admit i watched on tonight on mtv from the new series and i was appalled at the dad's behaviour, if i'd been that girl i would've put my fist through his face on numerous occasions and yet she was still crying over him at the end. grrrrr.

    anyways just g/c'd to say i love it too hehe
  • Hiya jellytots,

    Thanks ill have a look out for it on sky tonight and put it on series link.

    I couldnt agree more with what you said about the mums, they manage to pull together so well and even at that age its amazing. I couldnt handle it.
    The dads are pretty much useless, they seem so immature. :lol:

    Hope to see you here soon


    P.S Its ok G/C away :\)

  • I absolutely love this show!!!
    Its on tonight, i got it recording lol.
    Its on every sunday, think its about 8ish.
    Think this is the 4th one of the new series.
    I love teen mom too image
    I feel really sorry for Maci, she was engaged to Ryan and he never cared about her or their son, Bentley!
    I watched one the other day where he had to go away working for a month, then when he got back instead of spending time with her or the son he got changed and went out with his mates, all over other girls and didnt come home!!
    I just want to smack him haha!
    But she did end up leaving him and moving back home with her parents!
    Not so sure if they together or not now though!?

    I also miss one born every minute, loved that programme lots!
    Did anyone watch that Ouch, Sextuplets the other night?
    I recorded it and watched it today, was so cute seeing how tiny they are and what they are like now image
    Makes my eyes fill up lol.
    Also like to watch I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, thats cool too.

    Sorry for rambling on lol
  • Did anyone watch tonights show? I think that was the worst "father" so far!! 5 weeks premature, and he couldn't of cared less!! I love the show yet it makes me so mad! I wonder why people like this are blessed with such precious presents and there are people out there who struggle so much but would be the greatest of fathers!

    I really admire the mum though because she's trying so hard and coping so well on her own! She left her own homecoming, because she
    missed her baby, so sweet!

    I feel really sorry for maci too, she tries to better herself by completing school but Ryan? Won't even watch bentley for her whilst she does her work! Selfish

    I love catelynn and Tyler too, they are the sweetest couple!! And they made such a mature choice for 16 year olds. I also admire Tyler, I can tell when he decides to start a family, he will be an awesome dad! image xx
  • Oh I havent seen these programs, might have to have a look! Baby programs make me so broody though - myself and hubby are just trying to decide if we want to go for it and try for our next one.
    I had my first daughter when I was 16. My then boyfriend (now husband) was 18 and he really stepped up to the mark, supported us, worked hard, and I studied nursing and got a job. I am 26 now and we have 4 beautiful children, and my husband couldnt do enough for them - so not all young dads are as immature as the ones in this programme sound thankfully! xx
  • Am really annoyed with myself because i forgot to set it on series link before i went to work and i missed it.

    That 'I didnt know i was pregnant' sounds good, is that on mtv too?

    I am waiting for another series of one born every minute, if there is to be one..........

  • g/c from pregnancy,

    i love this programme! last nights one shocked the hell out of me tho. out of all the 'bad fathers' in the shows so far, last nights was by far the worst. how could he say that a baby is a mistake!? not right. i admired how the mum actually came home early from her one night out to see her baby too, a lot of mums, no matter what age, wouldnt think of doing that and would love the (well deserved) time off! i also thought that maci from the last series, she was a great mum, but i must admit i got pissed off with farrah always going otu all the time and expecting her mum to babysit all the time. I had my first at 19 (was very nealry 20) and ive had probs 5 nights out since she was born (shes 2 1/2), id do anything for her. Im now 22 and expecting my second (very much planned, was in here for 6 months) and i love being a 'young' mum. its a shame there are so many 'stereotypical' teen mums that give the rest of them a bad name tho. x
  • G19APB - You know what, i don't even think it's the moms, I think the dads need a wake up call! Maybe it's bc they went t through pregnancy and birth but I think 90% of them featured have done really well - almost too much since most of them dropped out of school - really wish they didn't do that!
    The dad's have to get it together! I live in N. America so I've seen the series already but def. the episode they aired in the UK, the dad is one of the worst by far but there are a couple of others that are almost as bad.
  • Just watched the episode with nikki and josh, what an idiot!
    He would just not leave her alone when she was in labour and saying that men have a high pain threshold is crap! They cant even handle the bloody flu!

    I was surprised to see his mum there, 1st time ive seen the fathers mum at the birth.

    Cant believe they were argueing whilst she was in labour, its like she wasnt even there!

  • Oh I just watched the one who was 5 weeks early and I cried when he sent her that vile text image her baby is so cute too with those little bows in her hair! What a prick he was, I'm glad she changed the name!
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