In Spain- life is so different!

Is anyone else living in Spain and ttc? I havent been to see a doctor out here yet but just wondered if anyone had any experience of ttc and nothing happening- and what the doc said. :?


  • Hi there! I replied to your last post but that's a few pages ago now. I'm ttc and living in Sevilla. I'm not much help though as I haven't been to see the doctor yet about ttc. I mentioned that I was ttc when I was there for something else but it seems the same as England in that you have to ttc for a year before having tests etc. I'm about to go into cycle 6 so nearly half way there although hope for a BFP first. How long have you been ttc and where are you in Spain??
  • I????m in the costa blanca region, near Torrevieja. I pay private for medical insurance, even though I????m entitled to it free as I work. I????ve been in Spain for 2 years now. We????ve only been ttc for 3 months but it????s so annoying not having a af since the withdrawl from my pill. If I had a af then at least I could try and work out ov dates.
  • I think I have private med now too, they do that here for when you get pg, not sure as DH sorted it. I've been here for 4 yrs now and almost onto the 6th cycle of trying. I know what you mean abut the annoying wait for af as I'm waiting again right now and I'm non the wiser and starting to think I don't O at all. My cycles have been 44, 33, 30, 39 and now 42 days and counting so it is impossible to work out O dates when it veries so much. Anyway I hope we both get af soon so we can get on with the next month, or BFP's of course!!!
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