What is going on with my boob!!!

Oh my god AF is coming I tell ya. :\(

Ok I have never ever had this before, not on the pill not off it. For the last three days my boobs have been very sore as have my nips but it's mainly my left boob.

Well I come home today got undressed from my work clothes and my left boob is sooooo much bigger than my right? Even my hubby looked at me with his eyes popping out of his head and then laughed - yes in my face!!!! :evil:

Aerola is sticking out, more so on my left boob than my right they just look a funny shape. Oh my god what if this is a new thing and every month before AF a get one big giant boob?? image

Oh the left one as well it looks like I have had little veins burst as they are red and I have never seen them before, there is only a few thread veins I think you call them???:\?

K xxx


  • Thank you at least I am not the only one going through this and we came off it at the same time as well. I have a nurse app tomorrow actually so I think I will say something to her about it.

    K xx
  • It could be pg symptom!!! My nipples got SOOOOOO sore before my bfp. I thought something was wrong too! Also aerolas got swollen and boobs got a bit bigger.

    Yay - when do you poas K?
  • LOL you are all excited LOL I am due to test this friday that will be 14DPO but I might test tomorrow. I have a nurse app tomorrow.

    I don;t ever remember my nips being this sore my left boobs is swollen and more painful the my right nip is really really sore. They just look funny shapes and it's freaking me out a bit LOL

    k XX
  • Oooo - I think is v good sign. Fingers crossed. Am v excited for you. xx
  • Oooh good luck when you test K-Lou. x
  • Good luck for testing Klou hope you get a BFP...all your syptoms sound very positive! Fingers crossed for you!
    Definately worse mentioning about your boobs to the nurse for reassurance! Hopefully she'll say its a very common pregnancy sign! Although also common before AF... our bodies are not nice to us sometimes!

  • Ahh thank you girls I had not looked at this as a preg sign I really thought it was defo the fact AF is coming?

    I have never had this before the whole changing shape I will see what my nurse thinks of it tomorrow image

    Thank you girls I have a huge smile on my face now. If anybody else had this though and got a bfn let me know so I do not get too excited image

    K xx
  • my boobs balooned with iz, they were how i knew i was pg last time xxxx
  • omg are you preg sugarpuff? i am so worried it will stay this way xx
  • Hi
    Gate-crashing from baby forum. I suffered with pcos then got pregnant. My 1st pregnancy sympton which I thought was af coming was boobs that were sooooo sore I could barely touch them never mind oh! I should do a test xx
  • Hi girls thanks for all your posts image Just so you know I got a BFN this morning at the doctors so i am out this month, I guess this boob things is going to be a new sign AF is on her way or the fact I have just come off the pill image

    K xx


  • Honey, a bit latem but just to say I had this a couple of month's ago - I felt like a circus freak! It hasn't happened since, well, nowhere near as big, so I'm counting my lucky stars!!

    It was yet another weird thing my body through at me to try to keep me on my toes! rats!
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