When to test?

Hi Ladies,

I'm a newbie to ttc and this is our first month. I came off the Pill on 20th May and had my withdrawal bleed from 22nd to around 25th/26th. I have no idea whether my cycles will be regular or not and I haven't used opk's this month as we decided to just see what happened (if anything!). I am on cd23 today, so when can I test from? This month seems to have gone soooooo slowly!

Mrs G xx


  • Welcome Mrs G !

    I would probably wait till at least cd28, however be preparded for a bfn. When I came off pill in July 2007 it took until July 2008 before I began to ov, not that i'm suggesting it'll take you a year but my cycles went mad. Ranged from 37ish days up to 96 days, it wasnt until Feb 08 that they began to regulate a little.

    Good luck though !
  • Eek!! Hope it doesn't take a year for my cycles to settle down. You must have been so fed up. I am fully expecting a BFN this month tbh as I don't think we have done enough (if you get what I mean!). I'm just so impatient!!

    Mrs G xx
  • Yeah i'd say cd28 too hun. But obviously if its bfn and af doesn't arrive just keep testing maybe every 2 days. They do say every 7 days but realistically I know I couldn't wait that long between testing!

    Good luck xx
  • Thank you! Cd28 will be Friday so will try and wait til the weekend. Hubby doesn't want me to test unless I have any symptoms i.e. unless I am throwing up every morning or have a massive bump! Anyway will have to try and convince him this week as otherwise I will drive myself mad if af doesn't show.

    Mrs G xx
  • Hi I would do a test at 28 days and if it's a bfn to be honest I would only test every week or so as you don't yet know your cycles.

    This is just going from my experience but I had to wait 4 months after coming off pill to ovulate and I dread to think how much I spent on pg tests during that time (at a rough guess easily over ??100) so unless you have strong symptoms (also be aware that the first month off pill you can get all kinds of symptoms similar to pg that are just due to body getting used to hormone change) I would test every week or so.

    Hope that isn't a downer and on the other hand the majority of people do get a normal cycle straight away so fingers crossed you're one of those and you do get your bfp image

  • Thanks chick. I'm hoping cycles will go back to normal pretty quickly but will try not to be disappointed if they don't.

  • Hi,

    Im in the same boat, came off pill 4 weeks ago and should be due my period in the next few days, but that was my cycle on the pill so god knows what it is now lol.
    I fell preg with my little girl in month 1 so didnt have to wait for 1st period so kinda hoping its the same this time, but im not sure image
    Good luck hun xx
  • Ooh, good luck Mrs J! Obviously I am hoping we will be lucky but if not then I am quite excited about trying next month. I have got some clearblue digital ov tests so will be using those and hoping I ov. Think it's still sinking in that we are actually ttc!

  • Thank u, its exciting isnt it!
    Is this your 1st time? xx
  • Ohh yay! Good Luck honey!
  • Yes it's our first time ttc and I am soooo excited!! image

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