I'm so excited I just can't wait any longer!!

My OH and I have spoken loads about having a baby and we've decided to start trying in September as we are getting married in August and also moving so we both want to be settled first.

But now that we've talked about it and my OH is so for it, I just want to try now!! I'm so excited about it all and I think what if I don't get pregnant straight away and we have to wait a year??? If we start now then at least we'll have a head start!

Has anyone else felt this way? I just think...what if I stop taking the pill after this month! I know if I told him, he would think I'm nuts but I know that if I just told him I was pregnant, he would absolutely love it!

I don't want to deceive him but I'm so excited about the whole experience of being pregnant and having our baby!


  • i was exactly the same. MY hubby didn't want to try until July but I came off the pill at the end of april just incase it took ages and I'm really glad i did as i still haven't had a period so if i had waited until july to come off we would have wasted even more time! The pill can takes ages to get out of your system so i'd come off now even if you decide to use other protection in the mean time.
  • I know exactly how you feel and was tempted to do it myself if I'd been forced to wait but you have to consider what might happen if he realises you've been deceitful. Not worth ruining that trust for the sake of a couple of months.
    Anyway, you want to be able to have a few drinks on your wedding day and a nice relaxing honeymoon too.
  • i say come off but tell him you are doing it and he should use condoms- they never will! though bear in mind you may get side effcts from coming off the pill. I was really bloated for a while and my boobs have grown- plus a few spots. you don't want this for your wedding as your dress may not fit!
  • We're getting married 2nd of August and moving at the end of August so if I came off the pill at the beginning of July and got pregnant, I wouldn't have morning sickness till the beginning of Sept, would I?

    My mum said as soon as she came off the pill she got pregnant straight away, I hope it runs in the family!

    My OH finds anything to do with change very hard, he gets quite anxious so he would freak out if I started talking about coming off the pill in the next week but on the other hand, he deals with things very well when they are actually staring him in the face. I don't know what to do....
  • my hubby is much the same as yours I have to force change on him! I just said i'm coming off now its up to you to use condoms and of course he didn't and is now happy with the whole situation! He appreciates it as he admits nothing would happen if it was up to him and he loves our new house that i just forced him to buy!!
  • Honeymoon Baby would be amazing! We're moving to a boarding school with free accommodation as my OH is a History Teacher so we will have no worries at all and I won't need to work so it's just the perfect time to try for a baby!

    How long have you all been trying for? Also, can't it become more stressful working out ovulation dates etc...isn't best just to see what happens? Do any of you keep diaries about it all?

    Do any of you have difficult in-laws? My OH parents are really controlling and judgemental - it has a massive effect on him which is probably the main reason why he wants us to wait until we move away. Personally I feel there is nothing more exciting than becoming parents and grandparents - it's not supposed to be a really scary time, is it?!
  • You can get morning sickness for about 7 days after you conceive.
    I agree that it might be good to use alternative contraception for a while, but don't trick your fiancee.
  • Im in exactly the same situation! We are getting married in September this year and were planning to try after that but Im super impatient so we have decided to start early, this is our first month of trying x
  • I was tempted to do exactly the same earlier this year before my wedding. My OH was desperate to start trying as he thought it could take a while - I was sure we'd get pg straight away (turns out he's the realist and not me!).

    I was so tempted to stop taking the pill, and it has taken ages for it to get out of my system; however the reasons I didn't stop were: change in figure after getting wedding dress fitted, esp my breasts (TMI); wanting to drink at the wedding; worrying I'd have spots (this was a groundless fear); drinking on honeymoon; and the fact that one of my pals had her period on her wedding day and felt crap. And it lasted part of her honeymoon too.... not much fun....

    Hope that helps!
  • Thank you for all your replies! It's so hard to stay grounded when there is so much to look forward to!

    I've decided I won't trick my OH, he's a very good man and it would be very wrong of me. I don't mean it in a bad way, I just really want to get pregnant and experience it all.

    I'm going to concentrate on my wedding and honeymoon over the next few weeks and then start trying in September. I know it's the most logical thing to do - it's just so hard not to get carried away with it all!!

    I might have made a really dumb decision if it weren't for all your advice so a real big thank you and lots of babydust for you all!!
  • I'm the same as you - getting married in Aug, going to start ttc straight away (ish). I'd love to start ttc now but, and I know this sounds really silly and shallow - if we don't fall b4 the wedding I don't want AF ruining the day and my honeymoon !!! Plus - I've heard there are side effects of coming off the pill like bloating, spots and mad mood swings - I really don't want to be fat, spotty and moody on my wedding day !

    It is really tempting tho - I can't wait to start my little family ... its all I've ever wanted !
  • Hi. Even if you got pg straight away, it would be early days. It's very exciting when you make the decision to stop taking the pill. But you must look at the bigger picture.....it's stressful organising a wedding, it's stressful ttc and if you get pg what will your early symptoms be. As flush says you may end up not enjoying your day as much as you should.

    I hope you come to a decision, and didn't want to put a downer on things for you. Let us know! Good luck with the wedding. xx
  • Oooh forgot to say earlier, I came off the pill six months ago so we were using condoms until trying this month. After coming off the pill, I had really bad cramps and lots of spots so it might actually worth you waiting now as your so close x x
  • Am kind of in the same boat, but not getting married, going on holiday in august. I would love to come off the pill now for that head start, but I dont want all the side effects while on hols. But omg this is the most frustrating thing I have ever had to wait for!! and you should see me waiting for a bag of sweets!!!!!!!
  • im waiting till my last pill packet which will finish end of july, and im 21 in august so obviously want to get really drunk and dance the night away, which i couldn't do if i was pg, bit selfish i know, but your only 21 once! so after august im going to throw myself into ttc and do everything i can to do it right!
    have already started taking my folic acid supplement xxxx
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