cycle length?

How long are your cycles ? MIne seem to be all over the place at the minute ( came off Pill in January) and just wondered what other people's were?



  • Hi katz,
    My first cycle was 160days, my second one 26 ish although first af wasn't a real one (just old blood, TMI) and now i'm on cd37. Off to the docs on Thurs.
  • 28/29 days came off pill 4 months ago and went straight back to cycle.
  • hi katz... i came off the pill in february . my first cycle was 28 days as was my second. Third one 22 days xx

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  • I came off the pill in March and I still have no AF.. i'm on CD 40 at the min and still waiting.
    Sorry can't be anymore help just hoping my cycles will settle soon
  • I came off the pill at end of December and since then they've been 26, 28, 29 but then 19 and 23 so god knows where I'll be this month! Still at least they are only varying by 10 days and I am having AF... I've also had a lot of heavy spotting between AF which I never had before
  • I havent got a clue what my cycle will be as ive only just come off the pill, do you think it makes a difference if you have been on the pill for years and years? I must have been on the pill for about 8-10 years now with only a few breaks and im worried it will take me months and months to sort my system out!
  • hi guys. I came off the pill in december 2007 and have only just started what appears to be my monthly cycle this week in may! i was getting really worried but at least now im eventually getting somewhere!:\)
  • I was on the pill for 11 yrs no breaks due to bad AF.. Hoping they won't be too bad when I eventually get one... lol
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