Going private - anyone got experience???

I am now on my 4th cycle (1st 48 days, 2nd 38 days, 3rd 30 days - at least the agnus castus/acupuncture is working) and don't think I'm ov-ing. I get CM at different times of month and more than one lot in each cycle and my temperature fluctuates daily. So I'm being referred privately to see if I'm ov-ing at all. Also hubby has one undescended testicle so that might affect his sperm count.

Anyone got experience of going private? I hear they do bloods and an ultrasound but I'm really scared about having dye in my tubes and a laparoscopy (sp?). Is it true you have a general anaesthetic? How much time does it take to recover? I'm worried about taking time off work.

Thanks for reading!


  • sorry to hijack your post but can you give an indication of the cost of going private? if you dont mind that is?

  • I have got BUPA so I only have to pay the first ??100. My doctor referred me saying I have "painful and irregular periods" for investigation as it won't cover fertility. If I didn't have BUPA it would be ??160 for an initial consultation and then depends what tests they do after that. xxx
  • oh thats good, I dont think i could get away with that one as my are not painfull or irregular. Its just so expensive. I think I will have to just wait for the nhs for now.

  • Hi Mrs Poppet, Just gatecrashed from the Jan forum. I went Private and had my first appointment at the end of Jan and by April me and my dh had had all tests... bloods, sperm analysis, ultrasound and they were all fine so the only thing left was a laparoscopy.. I was so nervous but wanted to have every test possible. They do put you to sleep as you're more relaxed and they make an incision at the top of your pubic bone and through your belly button. When I woke up I was a bit sore but more from the gas they pump in you to seperate your organs. They were able to show me pictures of my tues (all clear) and the dye running through. The whole process took about 45mins and was so worth it. I went on to conceive the next month after over 12 months of ttc. They say they see a peak after this procedure.

    It is great that you can have everything done so quickly and they can rule things out. If they had of found any minor problems with my tubes then they could have fixed it whilst I was asleep.

    If you have any other questions let me know.

    A x
  • Hi AnsyM
    Thank you so much for your post. I do want to get everything done and out the way so I can know that it will happen but just take time or that there is something serious that will hold the process up till its fixed.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Could you tell me how long it took you to feel less sore and awake from the laparoscopy? Is it a full general they give you? I have had a lot of time off work recently so I'm trying to work out how long to take off.
    It is great to hear that it worked out for you. I've heard that having your tubes flushed often helps, even if there was nothing wrong - in fact my MIL told me my DH was conceived within a month of her having the same thing done!
  • i had a laparoscopy a couple of years ago. I had a week off work, woke up from general fairly quickly and did feel sore for a couple of days but nothing too bad.
  • Hi Mrs Poppet - I went private after spending months with the NHS going through questions and tests and fertility clinic withces! My doc took 10 mins to go through every thing and told me what my options were and I'm on my first month of treatment. I have PCOS - and found this out on the NHS doing an internal scan - however they took forever to do anything and the feritility nurse was sooo rude! So I went private and am very happy.

    Hope you get sorted soon hun!

  • Thank you Mrs Poppet, I am excited but very nervous, I hope everything goes OK.

    I started to feel much better by the next day but they signed me off for a week. You probably wouldn't need that amount of time off though. If you had it done on a Weds or Thurs I am sure you would be OK to be back in work on the Mon. You are out of hospital the same day or in overnight if they do any corrective work. It is a full general they give you so I don't think you can drive for 24 hrs etc. I live and work in London so I didn't face getting on the tube whilst still a bit tender!

    Often people conceive whilst they are waiting for these ops as well as they know they are doing something about any potential problem.

    The laparoscopy tends to be the last thing that they do though so it will probably be in about 3/4 months time.

    Private is so worth it if you have private health cover (I was lucky as work covered me).

    Happy to answer any other questions.

    A xx
  • Thank you all for your reassurances.
    I'm just scared by the unknown and despite now being OK with acupuncture and having needles stuck in me, I'm worrying about the whole incision into my belly button!!!
    MummyWannaBe - I think I have PCOS too as lots of symptoms. I have been following your story and hope it all works out for you.
    AnsyM - I'm sure it'll all go OK with your pregnancy and soon you'll have a gorgeous little one. Thanks for the advice. I hope I can have it done towards the end of a week like you say.
    You've all been really helpful - thank you!
  • Aww thanks hun - I hope you get on well too - I'm sure you'll get a BFP in no time! Fingers crossed for you hun.

  • Hiya, just to add my little bit to this post - hope you don't mind. After a couple of nightmare experiences with my GP - mainly about non-ovulation I was finally diagnosed with PCOS...after which me and OH decided best option was to go private (due to waiting lists and the fact that my mum had PCOS too).
    We dont have insurance so initially I was concerned but we discused it and decided to go for it.
    SO we did and within a week we had had an hours consultation, a full set of internals (URGH!) for me as well as bloods...OH also had a semen anaylsis done - all came back good so next stop for me (12 June!) is a laparoscopy...

    I am nervous, esp as it's first ever op, but am looking forward to moving forward with it (Ha! my impatience...we've only been under consultant for a month!)...and fingers crossed after a good flusing (!!) we'll be ok and get a BFP v v v soon!

    Costs so far have been ??140 for first appt, ??540 for full set of bloods (can't remember costs of internals but about ??250) and SA and ??70 for subsequent appts...I'm saving all the invoices for prosperity!!!

    Good luck and lots of baby dust xxxx
  • Hi Bon79,

    Thanks for sharing the costs as its good to get an idea of what this will set us back if need be.

    Good luck I hope all goes well for you all

  • thanks baby blaylock...

    I'm feeling quite positive that we'll have a BFP BEFORE the lap and dye on 12 June...but I'm also realistic!!

    fingers & toes crossed please!!

    Good luck to you too - whatever you decide! xx
  • Hi bon79

    Thank you for your post. I wish you lots of baby dust and have everything crossed for a successful laparoscopy. Hope you'll be lucky like AnsyM and be pg within no time at all!
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