*Tested early....slaps wrist*...what do you think?*UPDATED*

Hello all....well im roughly 10 dpo......(had a month of no charting or opks)im due on around friday......usually when i test negative the tests are snow white were the second line should be.....these tests were taken this afternoon and is swear i can see something....i dont usually sit and analyze my tests i usually throw them away once ive read them but this month ive got a feeling we've cracked it again...(ive had 3 mmc in 12 months)

i know you lovely ladies will tell me to test with a FR in the morning using FMU and i will i got the first response at the ready and waiting but i just wondered if anybody had some insight on if they can see anything or if they had the same thanks!.......


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  • Sorry honey but I don't think I can see anything... might be looking at the wrong picture though!

    Fingers crossed your FR will be more positive xx
  • Hi hon, I can't really see anything, but the pictures aren't that clear. Maybe try again in a couple of days, because if there is a line, the level of hormone gets higher.
    Fingers crossed, I hope it's your month. x
  • Il admit there's a certain degree of squinting needed to see it .....lol......il deffo be testing in the morning with a FRER and see whats happening....when i was pregnant with my son i had really almost dismissive lines on my test till week 5 then they really turned dark.......im sooooo impatient tho!x
  • I can see a faint line on the first picture - and I mean faint but the fact there is something there is a good thing. I am using those pregnancy strips at the minute and mine come up snow white too - so if you can see something then I would be feeling happy right now image

  • I can see a faint line on the first picture - and I mean faint but the fact there is something there is a good thing. I am using those pregnancy strips at the minute and mine come up snow white too - so if you can see something then I would be feeling happy right now image


    I know what you mean i wouldn't usually bother with all this malarkey but when i test with them strips there always so white it actually hurts so to get something even as faint as that is encouraging!!!ive had a headache and been so emotional for the past 48 hours too......im actually ashamed to say i cried at and advert today....i felt like a right idiot
  • i had that. did 3 tests and thought what on earth does a faint line mean. i went and bought the more expensive test. did it first thing in the morning and there are no lines to look at. it tells you if you are or aren't, much easier. good luck with it all, i hope you are
  • I think I can make out vvvvv faint lines. Good luck for tomorrow! x
  • hi hun, i can see a faint line, so good luck for tomorrow xx
  • I can see a very faint line too. Good luck for tomorrow - will keep an eye out for your post.
  • Thanks for all you reply's.....when i test in the morning i will let you all know.......its so hard waiting to test !
  • Im sure i can see faint lines there.... Oh fingers crossed chick!! image image

  • Just had another look and can defo see faint lines.... OH had a look to and hes sure he can see lines there image image

  • Morning all!!.............hope were all well.....did a test this morning at about 6.30.....(woke up bursting for a pee)! first response one too i might add and.....got a very light line on there.....was rather faint but visible to the naked eye!.....im gunna leave it till friday now to test again or i will drive myself crazy!Fingers crossed its the real deal but im not due on till friday so it still could turn out to be chemical...thanks for all you reply's on here....with whats happened to me in the past its really nice to log on and see that people have took the time out to answer a question id posted....after 3 mmc in a row i think id have to shoot an albatross for luck!!!
  • Hooray!!! Congratulations!
  • g/c i saw this on the front page. i can see a really faint line on ur tests.

    my tests were exactly the same as urs (i tested at 9dpo). i also tested at 11dpo with a fr and the line was VVVfaint as were all brands of tests till the day my af was due really.

    i am now 10+5 with beanie. Good luck hunnie!!! xxxxx
  • was so excited to read an update from you this morning - yah!! thats such positive news isn't it!!

    Make sure to update us on friday - I know how you feel about worrying about a chem pregnancy. I had one last month and this month i've not charted or anything, too scared to have to face a bfp then a bfn again image

    My fingers and toes are crossed for you

    PP84 x
  • Jellybean - that's brilliant about the FR - sounds promising. x
    I had really pale lines on the same tests as you last night and this morning - like you said, have to squint! But they were there. Am going to get FR tonight so let's hope it's our month!
  • Thanks for the reply's on here.........I didn't chart or use opk this month in fact it was a really lazy ttc month for us!To say im nervous is a understatement!!.....My GP is a really good family friend so ive just rang him hes told me to go in on Friday so he can give me a blood test and put me on a low dose of aspirin straight away and arrange a few early scans to check that everything is going to plan....its all a bit surreal......scouse poppy fingers crossed you get your BFP!
  • Oh honey i do hope that this is a super sticky but shy bean!
    Good luck and keep us posted H x


  • Sounds good jb x
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