2ww....who's with me?

Hi Ladies,

As the title says it - who's with me?

2DPO and trying desperately not to SS


So far feeling no different to last month - just cramps image


  • Hi pet, I'm 13DPO today and using every bit of will power I have to stay away from the pregnancy tests until Saturday!

    I've not had many symptoms to spot so far, just a bit of mild nausea, usually when I'm hungry. Also had way more CM than usual.

    I'm veering between being very optimistic because it's our first month of SMEP and pre-seed, but then I've had a few cramps so I think AF may well be on her way :\(

    When are you going to test Minifig? xx
  • Going to try and wait to test until after AF is late. Last month I started testing 7dpo(?!?!?!) and drove myself crackers. Also had loads of symptoms and ended up being 4 days late so I was gutted when the witch finally arrived!

    Good luck holding out until Sat MrsR! I'd have caved by now! lol
  • Hey, I'm about 2DPO too, ovulated yesterday, and due AF on 22nd Jan, am DEFINITELY guna try and NOT SS this month as did that last month and got too caught up in it all, was checking boobs every 5 mins!!!! :lol:
  • Goof luck Mrs R by the way. Zxx
  • I'm due AF around 19th/20th ZLS so I'm going to try not to test until after then. Last cycle I used 14 CB digital opk's, 8 FR hpt's and a superdrug hpt! ??60 on blimmin pee sticks! pmsl
    Got myself on amazon and bought cheapy opk's and hpt's this cycle.
  • Hi Minifig, are your cycles pretty regular? Wow, ??60!!! good luck hun, we may end up testing around the same time. Zxx
  • Kinda regular around 33/34 although last month was 36 and if I have the same LF as last month this will be 35 days.
  • Mrs R im having the same symptoms as you and iused cbd opk with sasmar conceive plus for the first time this month. i am definately winding myself up thinking af is on her way. Full of pma at the mo tho, if i go by last cycle im due af on Mon, if i go 14 days after ov its Thurs. I won't test til next Fri tat the earliest tho- hate seeing bfns x
  • i'm on cd 17 but no idea when i ov. thought i did on cd 14, but then again it could have been yesterday as cervix was high n open ( my post explains more) so could be 1dpo or 3 dpo... but i'm def on 2ww so i'm with you xxxx
  • Me too!
    Mc 23rd Dec, really strong ov pains last weekend which is about right as I usually ovulate about CD11 which pouts me around 5 DPO. Of course I have to be careful with testing as I got a +ve this morning (left over from mc) so hoping to get a -ve before weekend after next so I can trust a BFP if get one Monday week!!
  • Ah Seraphina im so sorry about your mc- hope you're ok x
  • I am now hun thx image
    Coming on here helps!
  • Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better about things Seraphina, hope you get your -ve soon (in the nicest way possible).

    I'm driving myself mad assessing everything I feel. All I've got today is itchy (.)(.)'s and palms! lol


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