CBFM - more questions!

hi, am on first month with CBFM, day 8 and had my first high reading (days 6 and 7 were low). Have never had a cycle as short as 28 days except on the pill - naturally its been anything between 5-8 weeks prior to pill, the 3 cycles ive had since being off it have been closer to 5-6 weeks. So I find a high reading on day 8 hard to believe!

I did have a few glasses of wine last night and woke up dehydrated, could the concentration of hormones in my urine have been higher for this reason? The monitor doesn't know too much about me what with it being only my 3rd stick. I also peed on it for longer than the other two - could this have made a difference? Would love to be having a short cycle and a chance sooner, of course, but find it hard to believe!

Do you tend to get many high days prior to peak? It would be highly unusual for me to peak soon.

Thanks for your help ladies x


  • Yes you can have quite a few, especially in the beginng as it learns your hormone levels. You only get 2 peaks but I've had lots of high days in the past. Good luck
  • hi
    i am on my second month of using cbfm and have had high readings since it first asked me to test on day 7! last month my highs were days 12 and 13 with peaks on days 14 and 15 and my period came on day 30.
    hope this helps

  • i had highs from day 10 and got my peak on day 17 so highs on my last BFP one i got 16 highs before my peak x
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