I tested again...

...and of course it was another BFN! I only tested yesterday and that was with FMU, I don't know what persuaded me to POAS tonight...at 7pm...when I only got the BFN yesterday...and when I've already figured out that AF isn't due until late next week.

Disappointed in myself!



  • Aww try not to test again pet. I know it's hard but isn't it better to think 'maybe...' than see a bfn even when know it's still early?
    But you definitely aren't out yet so don't be too downhearted x
  • Thank you mummychop, I'm certainly not going to test again until at least next Sunday! I shall be patient and throw myself into gutting the house, haha! The sore nipples are still a problem (that's been about a week now) and today I feel my boobs are bigger so I'm certainly hopeful :P had 3 small glasses of wine last night (and a pint of water inbetween) at a friend's birthday and I woke up feeling hungover?!?! I wasn't drunk!!! Not even tipsy!!! I don't drink much in general but I can usually drink a bottle of wine without feeling too much the next day, *sigh*!
  • i just got a bfn too image wish i hadnt tested i was trying to not test till monday at the very very earliest! x
  • We've family over for the weekend which is helping take mind off the wait, but anyway we had a few drinks lastnight so I had 3 glasses of low- alcohol wone (5%) and I was the same- woke feeling I had 3 bottles! Though been feeling quesey for few days now anyway. Not that I'm ss of course lol
    Chin up

    Rosa x
  • Ah ladies, we'll get our BFPs eventually! PMA PMA PMA!!!!!!! xxx
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