Hi Ladies I'm really nervous!!!!

Hi All,

me and DH have our hospital appointment today at 11.00 and we will find out the 2nd tests results for his sperm test. We are both feeling apprehensive about going because we know that their won't be much difference between the 2nd and the 1st because they were done so soon between each other and DH is dreading hearing the same said again to him which is understandable. The hospital mentioned last time that when we go back today if it is still low we will be put forward for IVF!

It seems such a drastic step to take and TBH I never thought that I would ever have to go through this to conceive. I'm not really sure what to expect or how it's done but my stomach is doing summersalts just thinking about the whole thing. Since our last appointment in March we have changed quite alot to our lifestyle so maybe if the test was done now it would possibly show an improvement. The NHS never gave us any advice about how to improve SC and we walked away feeling so deflated- so we did some research ourselves and this is what we have done. Cut caffeine out completely, limited alcohol image well lil bit LOL, DH takes Proxeed plus twice daily along with 1000mg vit c, pure fish oil and an all round Multi Vitamin, DH cut out hot baths, we both eat more organic and alot of fresh veg. I take Pregnacare daily. I feel like I am spending so much money and buying things to imrove our chances I want to know if it's all going to be worth it.

What if this is the only way forward for me and DH and IVF doesn't work? We both feel so down about the whole thing because we have really relaxed the last few months and enjoyed BD'ing and aimed it on the right dates but nothing ever happens!!!!!

Congrats to everyone who has had a recent BFP, you are all an inspiration to us ladies who are still ttc.

Sorry for the long post but I feel better for gettign that off my chest.

xxxx Mads



  • can't help out with any info or advice as i don't know about ivf but just wanted to wish you loads of luck today. Let us know how you get on.
  • Hi Mads

    Im sorry for what you are going through. I hope everything goes ok today and you get better results this time. I know the idea of IVF sounds really scarey but if thats what it takes to get your angel then im sure the two of you will be strong for each other. Let us know how you get on and goodluck.

    jen xx
  • Good luck today, Maddie. Let us know how you get on. xxx
  • Thanks for the comments girls, it has really helped boost our PMA, especially you Mrs Amanda, sounds like you have been through what we are going through now, congratulations on the pregnancy! I heard that it's a one in 5 chance, can you remember what you felt like when you were told that IVF was the way to go for you and DH? Did you feel like a weight had been lifted? DH's results were very low in every area so ICSI may be the way to go, not sure whats involved in that and if it's free on the NHS? suppose I will find out one way or another in another hour.... I think the waiting list is like 18mnths! seems ages away. Will give an update once I am back. xxx
  • Just wanted to post and say what a lovley msg that was Amanda.
    Its great to hear stories where people havent given up and that good things do happen.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
  • Good luck maddie at your appointment, i guess you are there now but let us know how you get on.
  • MrsAmanda, your story is a real heart warmer and it has given me hope to. I have PCOS and just waiting for DH SA results.
  • Hi Everyone, thanks for all the nice comments, it means alot to know that I have support on here. Mrs Amanda, your story really touched me and I felt quite tearful while I was reading it, you deserve to have this pregnancy after everything you have been through, you must be the happiest person in the world and what a story to tell when you finally give birth, so exciting, such a rollercoaster of a ride but sure it will be well worth the wait when you meet he or she. I am sorry to hear that only one survived though, sounds like this one is a sticky lil one and isn't going to budge now LOL.

    Well we got to the hospital and as soon as we walked in the door guess who we saw????? 2 new born baby's and 3 pregnant women GRRRR DH stood on the stairs watching the mum and dad carry their baby's out of hospital for the first time with a huge grin on his face. It was so lovely to see and I know that when we do finally conceive he will make a brilliant dad.
    We saw a different doctor today and he seemed quite helpful, more than the others. I am a little bit overwhelmed at the moment because the 2nd test results came back absolutely fine, the count was better, the concentration, speed, shape everything seemed alot better and the doctor said that there was a significant difference than the first test. He seemed baffled by the results of the 2nd test. He said we test the sperm in a jelly like substance to see how well the spermies swim and he said that DH had alot of strong swimmers!!! He said that he was planning to go through the IVF procedure with us today but because of the results being so much better he said there is no need at the moment.
    He said that we do need to find out why were not getting pregnant and he suggested a laproscopy (not sure if thats the right spelling). He wants to look at my tubes by inserting a camera through my belly button and injecting dye into my lady bitsimage . I have heard that this can be a risky procedure and I hate being put to sleep so I have gone for another option that's similar and would feel more comfortable. It's done in the X Ray dep and they basically inject dye up you with a camera on the end and have a look that way, like a normal scan. It may not give me brilliant results and I may need to have the other done but I thought I would take that option first. I have to call them as soon as I have a next period and it needs to be done between days 5 and 10 of my cycle. I can't tell you how relieved we both feel, surely taking the vitamins and sperm supple hasn't had an effect on DH that quickly, has it? I can't understand it but I do know that whatever we have done/doing it's working and I am happy with that right now. Even if it takes another 6/12 mnths I am so glad that things are improving.
    I will keep you all posted. Gd luck ttc and lots of babydust to us allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • So pleased that it went well for you. I suppose that men are making spermies all the time(gosh that means that they can do more than one thing at a time!LOL!!) so perhaps that was why the 2nd result was so good.
    I hope it doesn't take long for you to get your proceedure done and find out if there is a problem. Meanwhile keep on with the bding-you never know!
    Good luck!XXX
  • What good news maddie, the lifestyle changes youve made have obviously worked! Good luck for your next apt. xxxx
  • thas great news for you both....good luck!!
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