Anyone trying robitussin Cough Mixture???

I was quite amazed to find out that the robitussin medicine in my cupboard can be used to improve cervical mucus while ttc!!!

Has anyone tried it yet?? :\)


  • Yes - and this worked with conceiving our lovely baby boy who is now 1! I'm using it again now. If you read the SMEP it is suggested for use, that's how I came accross it.

    There is always a noticable difference in CM when I have had some - have you tried it yet MrsFair?

  • hi hun, i bought it in case i dont get my bfp this month (which is very doubtful the way i am feeling). have read good things about
  • I read about this, keep me informed if it works for you ladies!! image x
  • I tried it this time round maybebaby2, and I noticed the difference in CM, it was loose (sorry tmi). I hope it worked, we will see cause I realise that we are in the 1 ww together xx
  • hi girls, can i ask when you take it. is it all through the month or just running up to
  • What brand cough medicine is it? Or is it called robitussin?
  • yeah hun, its robitussin but has to be the cough only one not the one with decongestant in it.xxxxxxxx
  • i saw this on the SMEP website and was going to try it next month if i don't catch this month. angel100 i think you take it an hr or 2 before you bd each time x
  • thanks hun.xxxx
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