Hello everyone,

I have popped over from YAYW where I was more of a lurker than a poster but I want to join in more with this website.

Basically I'm (almost) 31 years old and we have been married for 6 months and I have been off the pill for three months. I am on the folic acid and we're b.ding as much as possible. Since coming off the pill my cycles are really long (38-45 days) and have varied a bit so I am still trying to nail down my exact cycle.

Also since the wedding I have put on a stone and a half which I am now trying to lose and I also have a mild case of endometriosis. And that's the start of my ttc story!

So hello and I hope you don't mind me joining your forum!! image


  • hey hun, welcome xxxx
  • Hiya... good luck with TTC, sounds like you are doing everything right. Hope you get your BFP soon image
  • Hiya hun, we are same age and I am also ttc No1, our cycles are similar too mine have been between 35 and 45 days long.

    Good luck and look forward to chatting to you.

    Ps I was a May09 bride on YAYW xx
  • Hi hun and welcome image

    Hope your stay is short and sweet xx
  • Welcome to TTC!! Hope you are not here too long (in the nicest possible way!)
    I am 28 and ttc #1 too xx
  • hello and welcome!
    I am 30, just married and ttc number 1 too!
  • Oops forgot to add that I am 31 and ttc 1st bubba xx
  • Oops forgot to add that I am 31 and ttc 1st bubba xx
  • Hello and welcome! I'm 26, married 2 months and TTC number 1 too :\)
  • hello *waves*
    I'm a lurker, too, although trying to be more of an active poster! (I lurk here though rather than YAYW, it got a bit too heated for me over there! and didn't really need the hassle once I was married) I'm 28 and ttc no 3! (married for almost 2 and a half years and this is the first one since we got married - did things the wrong way round!) Look forward to chatting some more!
  • Welcome,
    Im 30 and ttc #1. We got married in May 09 too Sparkling Diamond!!! On month 11 at the moment.
  • Hi again everyone - thank you for all our lovely replies and encouraging words.

    mustbmad - it has deffo got far to heated over and YAYW and I it is the same people posting all the time! It got to the point where I wouldn't have posted anyway for fear of being villified!

    It's all so much nicer over here!

    Sorry not replied for so long - work have really cracked down on the internet usage (as they should!) but it does mean I can't get my daily fix!

    Anyway hope we are all well - lots of baby dust to all!! image
  • welcome! im getting married may 2010! woooo! cant wait! good luck ttc hun xxxxxxxxx
  • welcome i am getting married aug 2011 and this will be babba #3 for us and its taken us a long time on all 3 1st one 3 year 2nd one 1 year and this one so far 22 months and for #1 and this one i have gone to the fertility clinic # they seen i was releasing an egg told us to go and try and we got PG and 2nd got Pg about a year after taht but was trying and this one is taking its time
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