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hi i am new on here today. I turned 30 almost two weeks ago and my dh is 35 this year.
thiis will be our 1st together although i have 2 girls from a previous marriage.
I am excited but also very worried as i had so much trouble b4 ttc and now have very scarred tubes from a bad infection and ruptered ovarian cyst . I keep thinking that i should just think about work but at the back of my mind having a baby is all i have thought about for ages.My other half is very supportive but i dont think men understand how it affects us everyday, every time i see a baby or pregnant lady i wish it was me.


  • hiya again baby blip , i am 34 oh is 38 almost 39, we are trying for our 4th, i think sometimes the less you try the easier it can feel, does that make sense? since we have been ttc all i seem to see is pg women!!! new babies etc... i dont even know if we can still get pg, lots of bd'ing anyways xx and yes it was all i thought of for a long time didnt think oh was bothered and when i said a few months ago i wanted a baby he answered with 'really i was gonna ask you ages
    ago!! i could have slapped him lol
  • I am sure you wil be fine huni, just enjoy trying. I am 32 and have had my
    first baby 4 months ago, I has a ovarian cyst removed along with one of my ovaries 8 years ago so I never knew if I could have a family. I got married in June last year and we conceived on honeymoon on our 1st month of trying.

    Take it easy and relax.

    Best wishes,

    Lynne x
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