Hey girlies!

Thats me back from my wee break in Tenerife, weather was gorgeous and we had a lovely time image

Whats new around here? I'm trying to catch up now... looks like there have been a few lucky ladies with BFPs!! congratulations!

I'm just waiting on CD1 for month 3 now, AF is due today or tomorrow and I did a FR this morning which was a BFN image so looks like I'm out for this month... boooo

Anyways, hope you're all well...

Co xx


  • heyy welcome back!!! loads of bfps here now!

    its not over until the red lady rears her ugly head!! image
  • Thanks girls...

    Very confused, now 2 days late but I'm sure a FR test can't be wrong so just a waiting game now image
  • hiya and welcome back, sorry about bfn, u may have a shy bean? when i went on hol, im sure flying made me af late, maybe the same with you? xxxx
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