This weeks 'Vote' Results: How long did it take to conceive?

I normally vote on the weekly thing in the blue box on here just to see how alike I am to other BE users..

Now I've obviously not concieved yet... hence me still with u lovely ladies...but i was a bit naughty and voted on this weeks so it would show me the results so far...

How long did it take you to conceive?
0-6 months 73.4%

6-12 months 11.9%

12 months+ 7.1%

24 months+ 7.5%

Now is it just me or do these real life stats confilct with the text book ones???

Y am I not like the other 73.4% of people?!?!?!?



  • I was 17months TTC. I never commented on that and I think that if you posted that question in pregnancy the replies would probably tell a totally different story xx
  • 24 months plus for me also chick x
  • Wow interesting results! Thanks for posting this.
    Sorry you not in that 73.4% image Hope you get your BFP soon! I am on Month 3 and in 2ww!
  • Think I may post in pregnancy as well - Congrats Broodybeth, you must be over the moon I hope it is everything you imagined it would be xx
  • i looked at this too (if you click the vote button without selecting anything it gives you the result) and found it very reassuring! i'm same as you snugglenush, month 3 in the 2ww x
  • G/C Took us 21 months although my result is in the data as a voted for the first time ever - I have to say I was a little surprised by the results.
  • I'm sure the 0-6 months will include a lots of babies who were a bit of a surprise for their mummies and daddies.
    Like I was for my mummy many years ago!
    After all if your weren't trying to conceive it's always going to month 1 when you count it.

    It's my third month of TTC now. Fingers crossed for everyone.
  • 13 months and counting...
    I guess I'm not in the 73.4% either. Not sure how accurate those numbers are though as feeling low about TTC does not always make you want to join in the polls!
    Good luck to all
  • I am now in month 4 of ttc after my miscarriage fingers crossed we get some good news soon xx
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