Hi girls, I am gate crshing, just looking for some advice.

I wondered if anyone could describe for me what spotting it?! Sounds like a daft question I know but I havce nbever experienced it.

The reason I ask is that I have a 12 week old baby, and stopped b/feeding him at 4 weeks. Haven't come on my peroid yet, and occasionally have a little streaky blood in discharge (SORRY!!!), but then nothing comes of it. Haven't taken a test, but am a little worried I could be pregnant again as hubby and I got a little carried away a few weeks ago!



  • For me it's light blood that's only really there when I wipe or just "spots" onto my knickers, not free flowing.
  • Mine was the same as Lambchop and after 5 tests of First Response and now Clearblue Digital testing, it seems we are 1-2 weeks pregnant! x
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