TMI sorry!

Morning ladies

Well, after having some brown/red cm Monday afternoon it kind of tailed off that night, then yesterday morning had a little bit more but certainly nothing to write home about. And then since yesterday afternoon, nothing at all. Whats that all about? I did a HPT yesterday (12dpo) and got BFN so im sure im not pg. But why would I only have a tiny bit like that? Ive tried calling the fertility clinic (im on a clomid cycle) so will keep trying and see what they say. Very odd tho!

Hope you're all ok?



  • I would wait until the weekend then test again. this sounds like implantation....

    Good luck! FC for you.

  • that is strange, u may have a shy bean, not al bfp's show up strait away, good luck! xxxx
  • Hi huni when is af due ? im in the same boat with the cm and it does sound like a implantation bleed (hopefully) maybe you have tested to early ? Im waiting till monday to test if af doesnt arrive. Good luck image
  • Thanks ladies. The only thing is, I having been tracking my temperatures and they are low to the coverline so im pretty sure im not pg. But it is odd. Ive called the fertility clinic and im going in tomorrow for a scan to see whats going on. Will let you know!

  • may of been ov? yeah ur best off phoning, good luck xxxxx
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