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Hiya, Well its been ages from I was last on! The thing is my hubby and I have been trying for another baby since christmas. My period was due on tuesday but as yet there's no sign. I did a test on tuesday but it was neg but when still no period yesterday I decided to do another just incase but this time I got a VERY faint line. Hubby thought it best to do another today but it was neg. I really don't know what to think. I don't feel pregnant and have been having period type pains for a few days. I had a bad taste in my mouth last week and was feeling sickish in the mornings for a few days but both have gone now. Any thoughts?


  • Hi, not sure what to say but didn't want to r&r!! They say a line is a line! Maybe it depends which test you use?? And if it was fmu?? Some people don't seem to get their BFN for ages after af is due. Maybe do a cbd with fmu in a couple of days time??

    Sorry, I'm not much help am I!!! Good luck though xxxx
  • hey debs, have they been different tests? whilst there is no AF there is still hope image i had confusion with my tests when i got my bfp.
    really hope it is a BFP for you image
  • Hiya, Both tests were clearblue and I did todays first thing this morning.
  • hmmm i've got my thinking hat on now...

    you said AF was due on tues - is that by normal cycles or by ov 2 weeks ago? just wondered if you could have ov'd later this month? that's what happened with me.

    i'd wait a couple more days then test again if you can wait that long.

    lots of babydust xxx
  • well it isn't over til the witch arrives!!!! image I think maybe you are just going to have to leave it a bit longer, if af hasn't arrived in a week or so maybe make a drs appt, they should be able to give you a definitive answer. All your symptoms sound positive so fingers crossed, maybe it is just taking time to appear!!!

    Sending you lots of babydust xxx
  • My cycle has been monthly for the last three months so sunday was day 28 since 1st day of last period and tuesday was a month so now on day 33. My longest every cycle has been 31 days. I really don't think I am pregnant but don't understand why I got a faint line etc
  • don't give up hope until AF arrives image
    really hope she doesn't turn up and you can test again in a couple of days
  • Hiya, Well I did another test this morning but it was negative so looks like I'm not pregnant this time. Don't understand why I've still not got my period though.
  • I'm so sorry your test was negative. Our bodies are cruel sometimes, perhaps you are just having a strange cycle?? I don't want to give you false hope but it really isn't over til af arrives. Some people didn't get positives until over a week after they were due on xx

    Good luck & baby dust xxx
  • Just got my period! I'm so disappointed. Even though I got neg test I was still hoping image
  • Sorry to hear that debs xxxxx
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