trouble getting it up?

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has anyone elses hubby/other half had problems with this?

i mean my its happened to my hubby a few time when hes been really drunk, but it happened last night and it was like his world had ended!! do you think its just the pressure of ttc? it was working again at half 6 this morning, he made a point of waking me up and making me feel lol

bit scared its gonna happen the day we need to BD most!!

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  • Hi im really sorry i have no advice for you but didnt want to r&r . I know its not a laughing matter but the end bit made me lol. If it was me i would try not to make a big deal out of it and try and keep things relaxed image
    Good luck.x
  • Invest in some saucy undies and something a bit different - im sure he wont have problems then!! ;o)

  • Hiya

    Not quite the same but when me and h2b we BDing everynight during ov time he couldn't erm....finish...that happened twice and obviously the most important part of BDing....I think it could be the pressure of TTC although h2b swears it is not and it was just a little sensitive so couldn't do his job properly.

    I wouldn't worry too much I think it is fairly natural.
  • thanks for the replies ladies image

    i think the relaxed approach doesnt really work when your on month 12 of ttc lol but i defo like the idea of trying something new and the sexy undies image

  • Hi we have had similar,my hubby has never had any problem in that department before and we fell pregnant back in November but unfortunately lost the baby in Feb. Since then I have been obbssessed about falling pregnant again and have really been putting the pressure on him. The last couple of months he has been having trouble and i think it is because he feels so under pressure to perform!! Nightmare!! Any way so I am backing off a bit, i have been talking about having a baby non stop so I am going to stop going on about it and get back to BD for fun rather than for a baby. I am convinced this is what it is because at the times of the month when I wouldnt be able to conceive he is fine then in the crucial week he has problems!! And the problem is it becomes something that he is aware of so it makes it even harder for him (or not as it happens LOL!!)

    Or could it just be that he is tired or under the weather a bit

  • Yeah i defo think its the pressure of it! it them that have to do all the work to begin with lol i said to hubby maybe we should hold off for a couple of months but i think that just made him more determined!

    there funny things arent they!

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