CBFM qu re POAS!

Hello everyone.

Well I got my first peak today so was over the moon as it's my first month using CBFM. I am so far running like clockwork this month which is awesome! It's CD13, meaning I'll OV tomorrow on CD14 giving me a 28 day cycle. Not bad going for having just had a mc in Oct!

So my question is...I have now POAS for 8 days and got my first peak today. I know tomorrow I'll get a 2nd peak (I hope!) and then probably a high on Friday. Can anyone tell me if it will get me to POAS on Saturday and start another pack of 10 sticks or does it stop after you've had the 2 peaks followed by a high?

It's just I'm away this weekend and we're sharing a room with my siblings and friends so hoping to POAS discreetly or even better would be to not have to POAS at all. It's worked well as we just wouldn't be able to BD on Sat but it now means we can tonight, tomorrow and maybe Fri before we leave (should you BD on your high after the peaks?)

Sorry for the longer than intended post!



  • Hi hun. So happy for you getting your peaks. It's great when you see them isn't it!! The CBFM works in batches of 10 sticks. If you get your peak within the first 10 it won't ask you to start the next 10. I usually stop testing after last high (one after two peaks) to save sticks. Hope that helps. xx
  • Excellent that really helps thank you. Just didn't want to affect it's 'memory' of me for next cycle (though hopefully it won't be needed again! - PMA!) In which case I'll use till Friday and then stop.

    Just out of interest, how many cycles have you been using the CBFM? I've heard loads of people say they get their BFP after 1 or 2 months of using it so am hopeful but trying not to get too excited as well.

    It's lovely seeing the peak sign!

    Thanks for the advice! x
  • Lots of people do fall pg really quick with CBFM so you should be excited. I've been using mine for 7 months. I'm a little older than most ladies on here and i am just waiting to start IVF and also taking clomid. Still hoping to fall naturally though and the CBFM is a god send for predicting ov. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope this is your month. xx
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