What is EPO and Agnus Cactus..!!

Hi all... I am trying to get myself back into a healthy state for trying again in August... I have a stone to loose !
I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks in Jan and then another one about 3 weeks ago at 10 weeks... I am trying to be positive and healty for August... but need all the help I can get so please fill me in on what these two things are..!! and will they help me..!!
Thank you xx


  • Hi magic bean so sorry to hear of your mc's that must of been awful at 20wks.
    EPO: Evening Primrose Oil helps maintain hormone balance and skin, I heard it gives more ewcm, ive only just started taking so seen no change yet
    Agnus Castus: regulates cycles and i will start using these next cycle.
    Lots of women on here have used these supplements and got their BFP's
    good luck xxxxxxxxx
  • hi Magic Bean
    sorry to hear of your loss!

    just wanted to ad that you should only take from cd1 upto ov, as apparently they can cause uterus (sp?) contractions!

    good luck and best wishes!!
  • Thank you so much..! I think I will get me some!!
  • Hi, sorry to hear about your losses. The dose that has been suggested on here for epo is 2000-3000mg a day, and as Danipink has said to stop at ov. I started at 2000mg but increased to 3000mg this month. It has made a small difference to the amount of cm. Good luck. xx
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