Friday the 13th!!!!

Has struck!!!!Af has found me-bugger bugger bugger!!!!!!:cry:


  • The bitch! better luck next month. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Oh I'm so sorry Helen, I had my fingers crossed for you.
  • Oh no! Im so sorry to hear that, I had high hopes for you for this month! Sending tons of super lucky babydust for next month hun x

  • Thanks ladies. I cant believe how disappointed I was this time. If my donor is able to do this next time my due date will be the same as my lo's was (if it works of course!!), though she was then 8 weeks early. Don't know if this is a good sign or a bad one!!
    Oh well, roll on next month!!!xxx
  • Oh hun, sorry to hear that....was hoping id come on today to your bfp xxxxxxx
  • Oh what a shame Helen, I really thought you might have it this month! So so sorry. I was really hoping it was a bfp for you this month!!

    Sending you a huge virtual glass of wine, bar of chocolate and bags of pma for next time.
    Big hugs xxx
  • Sorry she found you! Fingers crossed for next month! xx
  • sorry to hear she found you hun. good luck for the coming month though, i have a feeling july will bring lots of BFPs image xx
  • so sorry af came hun, good luck next month xxxx hugs xxxx
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