AF due today nothing yet - DH dosent want me to test yet

Girls what do you think? Im not a patient person this is driving me insane, i feel so upset not knowing if this is positive or AF pains, although never really noticed AF pains before this does seem a little different

DH worried about chemical pregnancy and dosent want me to test yet, cycle normally every 28 days but last month I was 10 days late, stress related we think

What would you girls do?

If you were to test would you use fmu or anytime dosent matter?


  • 9 days past ovulation but first month calculating it all so I could have a short luteal phase not sure
  • If you're only 9dpo, I'd wait a little bit longer tbh. Your cycle is prob a little bit longer than you think, and AF is normally around 14 days after ov. Its the second half of your cycle that's the important bit on timing. I know its hard but try and be patient.
  • popping back to with you BEST OF LUCK image

    I would wait for 12+ dpo.... Who am i kidding lol i tested from 8 usually.... It was only that we only BD once i didnt think there would be a chance :lol: I got a good line a 13dpo image

    REALLY REALLY hope the witch stays away for you xx for about 9 months lol

    gems(was gembags)
  • thanks ladies, i may buy the test tonight with a view to testing Sunday/Mon! dont want to waste money but desperate too know, still appreciate what you say re fake negatives etc x
  • goood luck with the testing image image
  • I would wait a few more days too hun. Good luck! x x x
  • I only have a 10 day LP and have never had a problem. On a typical 28 day cycle I OV on day 18, but have never got a BFP on or before the day AF is due but a first responce will pick it up the day after. Funnily enough both my babies have been 5 days late!

    I'm waiting until wed, want to try and kep strong together? x
  • hi all, well its DPO 12, im thinking of picking up a test tonight to test in the morning or maybe even tonight Lisa Marie. When are you due?
    Ive had a slight brown discharge after sex when checking my cervix but nothing yet - what do you think?
  • test test test!!! when is AF due?
  • was due on friday i reckon
  • I personally would wait until at least 14dpo to test which is more likely when your AF is due if you have been having irregular cycles, but everyone on here knows my views on early testing. If you do decide to test early, I wish you the very best. x
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