implantation bleed?Niggling pain above bikini line?updateaf

I dont usually post on here, am usually a lurker but was hoping for some help! Weve been TTC for 6 months now and I have been charting for 4 months.
I am currently 12 dpo and my temps are still up today. When I went to the toilet about an hour ago I had a brown stain in my knickers and a little bit when I wiped. There has been no more since.
Also about 8-10 dpo I had a niggling pain above my right bikini line (i know some of the other girls have had same with recent bfps)
Just wondered if anyone had ever experienced the same? Obv I need to test but want to wait til im due!

Update - af started this morning so no bfp for met. Thank you for your replies - it was just so unusual for me to get spotting but obviously cycles can be so different every month. onto another month of trying!

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  • Hi hun, didn't want to read & run, it sounds very promising!! Implantation can happen anything from 6-12dpo so I have my fingers crossed for you image xx
  • thanks huni, you are always so sweet in your posts on here! We did SMEP (slightly modified) over xmas so i am hoping its a good sign x
  • Hey Samsa,

    I had the strange pain near bikini line image Just a little pulling and felt worse when I was lay on my side. Had it from about 9dpo til about 12dpo but not had it really since my BFP yesterday at 13dpo. Good luck hun x
  • thanks broodybeth,
    congrats on your bfp, you must be so excited. My pains were kind of twingy/burning but I guess everyone is different. No more spotting today - just the one this morning. I never get spotting before AF so am hopeful. Will test on Tuesday if I can hold off tomorrow! x
  • sounds good hun, really hope its your
  • Samsa ive had what i'd call a twingy burning feeling there too but no bleed- does anyone know if you always get a bleed on implantation or does it just vary?
  • Hi Samsa,
    I'm with the other ladies - sounds very promising! Fingers crossed for you x

    Kaiti - Not everyone gets an imp bleed x
  • hi there, sorry to jump on, but i was wondering how long you u guys experienced the pain for? i have a similar thing just above my bikini line to the right, been there for about 24hours - thought it might have been appendicitis to begin with, but it's not getting worse. however, when i lie on my side it does get a bit worse, like a pulling feeling. i don't think i am pg as i have only been ttc since 28th dec after just coming off pill - just wondered what your abdo pain was like

    thanks so much and good luck samsa - keep us posted

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