FAO all the Golden Girls!!

Just wanted to send you lovely ladies a huge sprinkling of sticky baby dust! I've just seen they've eventually put Due in February up today and I've got my fingers and toes crossed that you get your BFP's and get to join DIF!

BOB I so sorry to hear about your heartache last month, it's so unfair. You and your husband must be so strong to support each other through this, when you do have your baby in your arms, he/she will be very lucky to have such loving parents. xx

SD and Jay, how were your holidays? You lucky girls!

Freckles, I miss your hilarious accounts of your CM!! image

Lots of love

Mrs R :\)


  • Hey Mrs R......how are you doing?????? Are you enjoying growing that bean? :\). Hope things are doing okay!

    I'm 6dpo. Dreaded 2ww. Running around like a mad woman trying to get ready for my brother's wedding on Thursday so not much time for symptom spotting!! #3 ttc ....time flies. CM has never been the same since you left image. This month it was particularly unspectacular and puny!

    Let us know how you are doing. Make sure you are keeping track of all those tips for pregnancy that you can pass on when we eventually make it

  • Ooooh a wedding, how lovely! It'll be something good to distract you in your 2ww. I actually went to my friend's wedding when I was about 6DPO so you never know, maybe it's a lucky thing!

    I'm still being horrendously sick, actually threw up on myself driving home from the doctors this morning image then I had to ring work to tell them what was happening with me and I started retching uncontrollably whilst speaking to my colleague and had to hang up on him! image

    It's exhausting, and pretty much every waking moment I'm either being sick or feeling like I'm going to be, but I keep reminding myself that I'm soooooooooooo unbelievably lucky to be feeling like this and it won't last forever.

    Got my 12 week scan in 2 weeks and 2 days when I'll be 12+4 so I absolutely can't wait, fingers crossed I'll not be puking so much by then! xx
  • You poor chicken! Have you tried ginger? Think you have the right frame of mind though. It would be a million times worse if you didn't feel anything. At least everytime you throw up it's a sign that everything is just as it should be. The scan will be very exciting!!!!

    The wedding shoud be interesting to say the least. The SIL has revealed herself as a total psycho basket case over the last few months. She has been slowly turning my brother against the entire family by feeding him all kinds of hurtful nonsense and lies about us. I'm not particularly bothered because i don't see them that much but my Mum and Dad have been in tears over the whole thing. My sister is her bridesmaid and she didn't even get invited to her hen party! How nasty is that :evil: . Have decided to adopt the "kill her with kindess" approach and be very dignified even though she deserves a good slap.

    Think I may need a few drinks to numb the pain of the whole day even though it is the 2ww

  • Oh Frecks you do make me chuckle! xx for all the right reasons of course!
    Well you know what they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In the end she will be the one looking an absolute TIT making up stories like that! bbiiiaaattchhhh
    MrsR - how exciting about your scan...cant wait for you to put your piccie up so we can see. Have you got a bump yet?
    Think im just about in the 2ww now as have a feeling i ov'd late this month. could be to do with the time changes and the flight maybe?
    Frecks - i would just enjoy yourself as your little bean may not have implanted yet??
    When does Blanche get back from San Antonio? Is it this week?
  • Was going to reply to you Jay on other thread!!!!
    My sisters' and myself have plotted a major "wedding strategy" to get through the day.

    1) We all have killer outfits. We are curvy girls but scrub up really well image
    We have even co-ordinated "next day hungover breakfast in the hotel" outfits.
    2) We are up at 6:45 on day of wedding to be primped and preened to within an inch of our lives by a beautician and hairdresser. We are determined to walk into that church looking like airbrushed photos from Hello magazine.
    3) My younger sister and myself have been practising daily how to say "Oh you look beautiful" to the bride. I'm seriously worried the words may choke me after all the hurt she has caused my parents. Really worried also that the word "nice" might pop out instead of beautiful.
    4) Polite goodbyes on morning after and back to my parents' house for a good old bbq and general analysis of how we did. Will update you on my rating.

    We really are a lovely well brought up lot but no-one messes with my Mum and Dad. Hopefully one day I will have a LO to protect OH and myself. Well maybe just OH.....I can lot after myself. He's a big wimp!!!!! image

  • ooo I cant wait until youre back now so you can update me...its like a novel or something and im hanging around for the next chapter!
    OK so when youre back im expecting an extremely long story with detail! he he xx
  • Hi ladies not been posting much as ive been ill too im 9 half weeks i have my scan 2 weeks today on 15th june il be just over 11 weeks and i too am hoping this nausea passes soon. I wish everyone goodluck ttc and send lots of stickydust to all xxx
  • Good to hear from you KimLou - sounds like your progressing really well xx Cant wait for you to put your scan pic up! xx Hvae you been actually sick or is it just nausea?
  • Ooooh Freckle I can't wait to read your report on the wedding!!

    Jay I'm not sure if my tummy is starting to show a bump or if it's just my usual wobbly tum, I did kind of ease up on the healthy eating and exercise after our wedding last August! Can't wait to have a proper unmistakeable bump!

    Kimlou I feel your pain on the nausea thing, it's like nothing I've ever experienced before, the nausea is just constant, it's worse than actually being sick. Roll on 12 weeks and hopefully it should start to ease off!

    Wonder how SD's holiday is going, lucky devil! Fingers crossed she gets an extra special souvenir to bring home with her!
  • Hey all am back blanche is back, boy have I missed you girls!!

    Its good to be back mmm.......I could be packing a beanie am 12dpo i think CD32 havent tested whilst i was away but just done an ebay cheapie and can see a v.v. faint line now am not going to get carried away as am not sure when AF would be due but will get some FRER tests and maybe test in a few days.

    I have to say last few days have felt sick on holiday!! we have been on boat trips tho and at the airport I felt like I was still on the boat..motion sickness??? lets hope it could be early symptoms woo we done it more than enough but think I ov before I went so chances are if am pg bean was just settling in and enjoying the rest and relaxation.

    I have to say holiday SEX is amazing he he!!

  • hahah lmao SD but have to agree that holiday sex is definately amazing!
    ooo i really hope you are packing a beanie hun xx Sounds quite promising xxx
    Loads of babydust coming your way xx
  • Hey girls, not to put a damper on things but the REAL Blanche aka Rue McClanahan has passed away. She was 76. May she rest in peace.

  • RIP Blanche xx

    We didnt know maybe we should change the theme to SATC girls am Carrie he he

  • OMG I am totally shocked! Cant believe Rose is the only one left alive now. Also was interesting to know that apparently Rue was supposed to have been Rose and Betty was supposed to have been Blanche. I dont think it would have been the same if they had been that way round and definately better that they swapped roles!
    I wonder if they all got their heads frozen like they said they were going to? he he
    OK maybe we can change the theme but lets wait until BOB and Frecks get back or maybe see this season out and change next month? Hopefully we'll all have gotten BFPs by then too xx
  • Ok hun was only joking bout changing the theme but wait and see.

    Hopefully we will all have BFP's soon image

  • Hi everyone

    jay- i havent been sick which im thankful for but have been in hospital dehydrated but its getting better now i will try and upload my scan pic soon.

    sd- just read your other post i have my fingers crossed for you, you really deserve this happy ending good luck with testing sun x

    mrsr- yes it really is awful just hoping it goes in 2 weeks, i have my scan on 15th june whens yours? x
  • Mine's 2 days after you on 17th June! I'm having a pretty dreadful day today, the heat just makes me even more dehydrated and it's such a struggle to keep liquids down. I think orange calippos are the only reason I haven't ended up on a drip!!
  • Hi Girls! I'm back from my hols - had a lovely holiday in Cabo - but got homesick - weird I know - and came back a little early - we came back last night instead of today - It's really expensive there and tbh we got a little bored of trying to eat out at sub par restaurants and pay $150 for the meal - bloody expensive! Not like Florida jay where it's cheaper and great food! Holiday sex was pretty darn good though image

    So I've come back from hols with some weird (.)(.) pains - in the side of my boobs again - you know what that means for me right - bfp???? I cannot believe it though as I only mc on the 25th as you know so unless my ov was completely messed up and we did it on hols I cannot possibly see how it can be a bfp although I've only had the sore (.)(.) when I've been pg - I am very confused - I guess all I can do is wait and see if af shows up in a while, who knows when??? :roll: Maybe it's just my hormones completely messed up now after 2 mc's in a row. I will not be exactly happy about it though if I am pg as I was planning on taking a 2-3mnth ttc break - not not ttc but not ttc either, I'm taking a break from FF and opk's and temps - I need to lose some weight and I can't drop that when I'm ttc as it's such a roller coaster. So all my updates will be about my exercise and weight for a wee while I hope - that's OK girls? Will you still have me?

    When is Frecks back from the wedding saga???? Can wait for the update?

    Good to hear from you MrsR and KL, Sorry to hear you're both having a rough time of it. When does this ttc/pg thing actually get good again??? Can someone remind me :lol:

  • Hey Mrs R....have posted wedding saga report on Golden Girls thread! Hope you are doing okay today!!!
    Good to hear from you too KImlou
  • Thanks frecks x

    Mrsr- im the same the sun is not good at this time lol and just drinking water with tiny bit off squash in to flavour it x

    Bob- i remember enjoying it at 20 weeks with my son so along time ha, hope you get your bfp and join sd in dif x

    Sd- Huge congrats on the BFP so pleased for you x
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