why do i do it to myself?!

really annoyed with myself for poas! knew it would be a bfn but just thought i would check and of course it puts me on a downer the rest of the day. There is a cheapie chemist in a shopping centre near me that sells 3 tests for 99p and i was there this morning and just couldnt help myself! am now on day 54 of this cycle with no sign whatsoever of af. Have no idea what my body is doing anymore. Last 2 cycles were 38 days so i thought i was getting somewhere near normal, apparently not.
Thats a year now for us ttc and my lovely hubby dropped off a 'sample' today at the hospital. Have a feeling we are at the beginning of a long hard road and am just a bit sad about it all. The fact that all my friends are falling pregnant left right and centre doesnt help much either.
serious lack of pma! thanks for listening to my rant, feels better just to let someone know how i feel.
babydust to all xx


  • Sorry to hear that tootytoo - i dont have any answers, just want to send some *hugs*
  • Sorry to hear that tootytoo - i dont have any answers, just want to send some *hugs*
  • same here hunny, i dont have any magic beans or pearls of wisdom but i do have lots of hugs that im sending your way ((((( hugs)))))

    just think, even though its a long and hard road every step is one step closer to getting your BFP.

    i will be thinking of you and hoping that you get there soon xx
  • i did exactly the same last month image/ i knew i wasnt but upset myself anyway!! just think, we will both get positives soon, thinking of you, big hugs xx
  • Hi Tootytoo,

    You feeling any better this evening?

    I'm a poasaholic so know totally how you feel (think that applies to a god proportion of us ttc lol). Have you pinpointed ov at all with any of your cycles?
    How long have you been trying honey?
  • thanks for your replies girls. In reply to minifig my two cycles that were 38 days ovulation was very very obviuos as i could feel it (ouch) and then af came exactly 14 days later. We have been trying since i came off the pill this time last year but i didnt get af till the march and then very irregular since then apart from those 2 38 day cycles! so my body has not really found its way back to being normal yet! am 26 going on 27 so i that at least we have a little time to play with to get it sorted, fingers crossed?! got to wait for the sperm analysis now and take it from there!
  • Good luck, hope you get AF soon x
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