Sulking :cry:

Well i just went to get a bath and did a little check and found EWCM, i have also been having OV pains which i am hoping is a good sign so i came running out naked (i apologize for this bit) to show OH that my CM stretched :lol: i got the weirdest look ever until i realised what i had done. I was soooo happy.

So i thought tonight i could BD, put my feet up and pray the little spermies make there way to an egg that may be there tomorrow.

Soooo, i got out of the bath and saw OH was asleep on the sofa which is NOT a good sign, so i woke him up and asked him if we could have sex cause i know he is tired and i got a shrug then a maybe which in his language is a big fat no!!!!!!

I am on the verge of tears, why does he want to try for a baby but then not do the only thing he needs to do to conceive said baby?????

We did have sex last night and i put my legs up for half hour while watching two pints and then i got up and turned the TV off and then about 1am went to the toilet so i don't think my chances would have been great.

The thing is if i wake him now to explain that we need to BD if we want a Xmas bean then he will just be stroppy and it will then be like a chore and then we will fall out and i will get a text in the morning saying "sorry babe, i was tired last night, it will be ok" like i usually do!!!



  • Wont you be able to BD tomorrow morning hun?

    Or let him go to bed and sleep for an hour then wake him up nicely for a bit of BD'ing. It'd be like middle of the night sex :lol: my fave image x

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  • Oh hun sorry to hear this but you will have a 24hr window could you BD later on or in the morning.

    Am in my 1ww now and its hell on earth, only month 1 but am SS like mad and I actually feel like I am chanting in my head BFP BFP BFP....

    How are you hun? x
  • I reckon if you did it last night and then tomorrow, you'll probably be covered anyway. Especially if you had your legs up for a while!
    Maybe it's not such a good idea to give your OH so much information? That's a lot of pressure for a guy! Maybe next time you have ov signs, don't tell OH but just seduce him instead without mentioning ttc?
    And I know it's difficult but stressing so much probably isn't helping either...
  • Lol BB i like middle of the night sex too but OH is a pain in the arse, plus he doesn't do mornings when he is at work. I can understand cause i hate having to get up before i have to :lol:

    SD i really hope you get that Xmas bean, i am feeling ok, just a bit upset really. I know that it happens when it happens but then i have to think if OH wants to keep putting off sex then i will never get pregnant. But when we have "the talk" about it he begs me to keep trying and promises he will do all he can!!! xxx
  • Hugs Tink, I know how you feel! My OH never wants to bd as much as me! I am like we have to bd now!!!!!!! and he is like 'wtf?' He doesn't understand! I am the same, I don't like bd in mornings and I want to stay asleep for a long as I can!! LOL Hope he comes around soon! image xXx
  • We don't do morning sex on work days :lol:

    Can't you just erm... sort him out by hand and just finish in the way that makes babies. Sorry I really couldn't think of a nicer way to put that :lol: x
  • You could try waking him up 'nicely'! I bet if you go & put some sexy undies on and sneak up on him with a bit of seduction he'll be less interested in sleeping! Good luck pet!!
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