FAO all the ladies that remember me from PAB

Hi everyone,
I haven't been on here for months, I have missed being on so much. Congratulations to all the ladies who have had their babies or got their BFP. Who is all here?? And who is still TCC so I can have a buddy??

I have been so busy, I'm working full time just now, and we are getting the house done up a bit at a time. At the moment we are working on the garden and next month we will be ripping out my bathroom. I finished my pill on Thursday so after my wd bleed dissapears I'll be flying soloimage I'm soo excited, I feel like I have been waiting ages to tcc, especially after hubby kept changing his mind, as for those of you that can remember, I originally wanted to start tcc last september after my wedding. After a few serious talks with hubby we agreed when I could come off the pill, although now he seems to think this was all HIS IDEA!!!!! Men!! I'm glad we waited as hubby is really keen now and is alreday looking at pram models. DD will be finished her first year in primary school in June, I can't believe how much she has grown!!

Whats everyone else's news? Thanks for those who replied on my other topic, its good to be back image
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