Anyone TTC straight after pill?


Just wondering if anyone is ttc straight after coming off the pill. I took my last pill on the 15th march, had my withdrawel bleed and am now just letting fate decide.
I have been on Brevinor for the last 6 months, before that i was on cerazette due to breastfeeding my daughter who was born in Dec 08.

I did the same when ttc my daughter. I had been on Brevinor for 12 yrs solid. Came off it had my withdrawel bleed and had my first af 42 days later.
36 days after that i got my BFP so it happened fairly quickly bearing in mind i had been on the pill for such a long time with no break.
Im hoping its similar this time round.



  • hiya, yeah me too! i came off my pill 28th jan been trying ever since then, my AFs have ben allover the place tho! lik eevery two weeks! so i dont know if im actually ovulating or not? lol. but BDing anyway of course image hope we get our BFPs nice and quick! xxxx
  • Hi, I finished my pill just last Thusday, just finished my withdrawal bleed and now ttc. I'm not using ov sticks or anything.I'm hoping my cycles get back to normal quickly.I've been on microgynon for the last 3 years, it works 3 weeks on, 1 week off kind of thing. Has anyone else been on microgynon? Babydust to you all xx
  • I never got an AF after coming off my pill in september...I'm now 22+6 image x
  • I'm the same, no AF after coming off cilest, LO now 7 months old lol. Good luck x
  • hi, i came of the pill half way through feb, had a period 20th feb exprected to get the next one about 20th march, i just did a clearblue test as we have been trying and im pregnant.
    with my first it took about 4 months .
    with my second child i got pregnant in the second month so there is hope for people.

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  • I plan to finish my pill (femodene) on the 29th April so will have a AF on 3rd May. I am going to start trying straight away. I have a feeling after that AF I will be all over the place. I don't know whether to do the whole OPK thing or whether to just carry on BDing. With being new to this I need to get it straight in my head all the ovulating on what days etc... xx
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