period after injection

well on april the 4th my injection ran out (thank god) i have only had it this once time but i bleed the whole way thru it with only a few days without bleeding, i know it can take a while for the injection to leave ur system i was just wondering about ur experinces if u had the injection like how long was it before you had ur period, cause im not allowed to get pregnant yet as it to early after my operation that why im waiting another few months, hopefully end of may start of july. am gonna post this in planning for a baby but thought id post it in here as well as ur already trying.

thank you very much xxxx


  • Hey, I haven't had the injection but my best friend has. She had her last injection in November because she and her hubby were going to start TTC their second, but she still hasn't had a period. So the doctor has advised them to try anyway. I found some info that says the average wait is 6 months from when the injection wore off, but it can take a year in some cases. Good luck xxx
  • thanks hun, im hoping it dont take that long lol only had it once. thanks xx
  • Hi
    I had the Depo injection for 2.5 years. Stopped in August 2008, period then came back in Feb 2009. And finally got my BFP in Mar 2010.

    I loved the injection while I was on it - no periods yaya!- but it was only when I wanted to ttc that I read into how long it could take to come out of your system. Having said that, I was on it for a long time, just one dose shouldn't take that long to work out of your system.

    Good Luck!

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