well, onto the next month

Af arrived last night (at work again, and an unanticipated 2/3 days early) which was CD28.
I'm assuming that this now means my body is back to normal again after march, as my cycle is now back to what it used to be... (took its bloody time tho!)
I knew we didnt really have a chance this month, but it was still disappointing that af arrived. She did behave and start just as i left work so no mess to have to clean up ... :lol:
But it means now we're onto another month.... And we're hoping that it happens this month now. I'm refusing to have sex at all in August because i would mean another May baby and to be honest weve got too many in may as it is image So if it doesnt happen this month it will mean a big chat about it.

Hubby wanted another baby before he was 40, which gave us till aug this year to get preg -he's worried about what age he'll be when baby is in school, they're terrible around here for bullying children with older parents, and he's already going to be 55 when Ollie leaves school at 16, and potentially 60 when he finishs Uni (if he goes, and does a 3 year course and doesnt take a gap year etc etc) so I know he's worrying about what how he would finance another child going to uni when he is almost at retirement age (for a postie)

The docs wont help at all because in their words "He can go on fathering children until he's 70, and you can obviously have them because you've got Ollie" without actually reading my file and looking at things said in my medical history, and without listening to me when i say i'm not ov properly... dont some months then have ov twice on 2 months... (and still no bfp!?!)

So it may well be that I leave the ttc forum over the next months and just have to accept that we'll only have little Ollie.(at least we wouldnt have to build the extension - silver lining?)

But, we have this month yet.... and if i dont hope then i wont have them let down at the end of it.

Good luck to everyone, hope all of you get what you desire this month. image



  • Sorry shes found you hun. Fingers crossed that after this month you'll have to be planning the extension!!xx
  • Hi S.Y, I'm heading into July. You have to have a little pma hun. Fingers crossed for both of us. xx
  • Wow honey u've been thinking alot!!!!!! I'm so sorry she found you again but like u said at least things are settling down after the mc and that she has so far been kind!!!

    Sending buckets of babydust ur way honey for this to be ur lucky month!!! xxxxx
  • Pma seems to be a little out of my grasp at the moment.

    Lilac* - yeah, we've both thought a lot and talked a lot, and tbh if it doesnt happen this month we'll probably give up completely and I'll go onto the contaceptive injection (i hate having afs)
    I just dont know why its taking us so long when other people seem to be able to get pg again less than 10 months after their baby was born... (and it took 3 weeks to concieve ollie!)
    I knwo its nothing compared to what some people are going through, but my hubby never thought he'd have a wife or children until I came along and i so want to be able to give him the second child he wants.

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