Just wondering if anyone has already chosen baby names?



  • Oh YES, we chose ours 3yrs ago when we started ttc, both for a boy and a girl.. all thats left now are faces to go with them :lol: (see we are quite serious about this 'thing') lol
  • We have names chosen too! xx
  • we have too!!!! x
  • What was it?!!
  • we have names ready aswell, ones we both agree on as he doesn't like ones i come up with! Lol
  • i like that i wanted a unusual name but not tacky do you know what i mean, ava is lovely, we like jaina for a girl and harvey for a boy xx
  • Love the name Ava. We haven't decided but like the names Lara or Jasmine for a girl and Rory for a boy. This could all change though!
    Can you not still use Ava if you like it so much,i think i would?x
  • No names picked yet, had discussions but am trying to save it for when we have a BFP!
  • we've had names picked since we got married nearly four years ago!!
  • I like grace for a girl my OH wants jack for a boy! Its funny we chosen stuff for a baby we dont even have! If someone was choosing names and stuff for a cat they didnt have ud think they were crazy! Lol image
  • I ahve a Grace Emily and would like a Jessie Isobel or a Nathaniel Lucas.xx
  • We have our names chosen too! I bet they will change by the time we actually get a baby though! image

  • My fav girls names ~ Isobel, Darcey, Mia, Beth
    Boys ~ Ben, Sebastion.
  • i have names chosen too.

    Cain for a boy which is after my dad (he died last year)
    and Mia for a girl. I did want Kiera but my sister stole that name for my neice when i told her it.
  • we have a boys name picked out....well 2 boys names but i know which we like best. keep changing our minds on girls names..find that they are harder to choose
  • i find boys names harder!! are we mad choosing names before w ehave even got our bfp? lol
  • I can only think of girls names - danielle and eloise. OH hates eloise though but likes ella - thought I could use ella louise! lol!! I cannot think of boys names but OH likes ryan. I have to be careful with names as cannot use any that begin with T due to OH's surname - they sound stupid! hence why if I marry him I will have to double-barrel his with mine!
  • Ava is a lovely name.... We chose ours a few years ago, glad to know were not the only ones lol!! we like Isobel, Megan and Olivia for a girl and Jacob for a boy... will be so strange to see the face to one of the names we decided on all those years ago xx
  • My dd 18 mths is called Ava - lovely name even if I do say so myself !!
  • me and hubby have completely different tastes in names,well i like different names but i like his choices aswel but as he pretty much named my daughter i think i should name the next one (if we ever get there!)
    I have learnt not to tell anyone the names i like as they get stolen :lol:
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